How to increase Ad Revenue from your Blog

This article will help you to increase your Ad Revenue from your blog with some easy tips.

Before starting this article, we have to make sure that you have some basic ideas on how advertising partners serve ads on your blog. There is various type of ad networks and they use various methods to serve ads on webpages.

For each different method, you can realize there is a difference in the ad revenue with the same traffic.

Some basic factors of your ad revenue are:

  1. Traffic quality
  2. Traffic location
  3. Amount of traffic

I will give you some tips to increase your ad revenue with the same amount of traffic you are having now with the same traffic locations.

I hope you have searched all over the internet on how to increase the ad revenue. In most of the cases, you have found the following tips like:

  • Write in English so that you can get traffic from the US and other “tier one” countries.
  • Use high CPC keywords.

But I am not going to recommend these just to increase your ad revenue. There is no meaning to forcefully include high CPC keywords. Just write in a natural way just to engage your audience and write in such a way that your readers gonna love it.

So what else you can do to increase your revenue?

Do you know that most of the new bloggers think that AdSense is the best-paying ad network?

But actually, this is not true. If you get success in blogging and make some research on Ad networks you will come to know that AdSense is the lowest paying ad network. Yes, it is right.

In the beginning phase, it is good to use AdSense as your primary ad network.

What I can do to increase my Ad Revenue from my blog

There are a lot of ad networks available that can pay you more than AdSense. But how are you gonna find those networks?

First of all, you will have to know the types of ad networks.

  • Premium ad networks usually offer advertisements on popular websites. In most cases, you will need to have a good amount of traffic. You can expect up to 8 times more than AdSense from these types of ad networks.
  • Some ad networks serve ad based on your blog niche. (Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas for getting US traffic )
  • Video ad networks usually pay best for video ads.
  • CPM networks usually pay for the impression of the ads not for the clicks.

If your website ads do not get clicks but you are having a good amount of traffic then you can join CPM based ad networks.

Header bidding ad networks to boost your ad revenue

So how these ads work?

Suppose you have a blog page and there are 2 ad units space on that page. So when you join header bidding ad networks, they will collect the inventory data like the number of impressions, locations, view time. Then on the basis of those data advertisers will bid on your ad spaces in real-time. It is something like an auction.

So which ad will be placed on those spaces? The highest paying ads will be placed on those ad spaces. So you can get a clear idea that you will get the highest revenue from this type of ad networks.

So you will have to say goodbye to AdSense and use these types of ads? Not like that, you can use both the ads side by side. As some ad networks will allow you to use AdSense as well along with their ad network.

If there is no ad available at a particular moment they will automatically place your AdSense ad on that place. This feature is known as passback.

This is How I Earned $938 in One Month From My Blog.

So in this way you can get more ad revenue or increase your ad revenue with the same amount of traffic.

Note that: These ad networks may have some criteria like the amount of traffic or location of major traffic. On the basis of those criteria, you can apply for different ad networks. If you are confused about choosing the right ad network for you then:

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