High Speed Managed Magento Hosting With Cloudways

By Faruque Ahamed Mollick
Cloudways Magento Hosting

Magento is a popular and powerful eCommerce software that is built with PHP. You can start your own eCommerce website or an eCommerce site for your client without having any coding knowledge. From the admin panel you can control your eCommerce store.

To run any web based software it is necessary to having a hosting server from where you can host your website. For Magento also you need a hosting server. There are a lots of hosting providers available today where you can install and run Magento eCommerce software easily. But obviously you need a good hosting provider which can run your software fast and fluently with a great uptime.

In this blog post I am going to inform and explain about a cloud hosting provider which is perfectly configured to host Magento eCommerce software. This is Cloudways managed Magento hosting which is fast and secure.

Fast Magento Cloud Hosting From Cloudways Cloud Platform

Cloudways is a cloud hosting provider from where you can host different web applications and you can also start your eCommerce site that is built with Magento. There are a lots of features available if you choose Cloudways Magento hosting to start you online eCommerce site.

According to Cloudways there are 24,230 + eCommerce site are running on Cloudways Magento hosting. Here are some of the major benefits of using Managed Magento hosting on Cloudways cloud platform:

Faster page loading speed:

Speed of any website is so important factor as it increase the user experience. Google also has added the page loading speed to the search ranking algorithm. On Cloudways, with the combined power of Varnish, Memcached, Apache, and Nginx (ThunderStack), you get supersonic page load speeds. Thus you will get the high speed eCommerce site built in Magento.


Security is so important for any eCommerce website as it related to online payment. Cloudways provide you a high security. All cloud servers deployed on the Cloudways platform have foolproof security measures. There multi-layered security approach keeps your servers hosted on there Magento cloud hosting platform safe and sound.

User-Friendly Console with Multi SSL Feature:

Cloudways Magento hosting platform on cloud comes with a feature-packed console. With this you can easily manage your cloud hosting servers and applications. Through the easy to use Console of Cloudways, you can deploy multiple SSL protected apps on the same server.

Backup feature:

Cloudways provide you hourly managed backups. You don’t have to fear of data loss. Cloudways platform automatically keeps the copy of your Magento site to their server on an hourly basis. It will be stored to an offsite location for added redundancy.

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Easy Built-in Tools:

Now you can easily keep eye on your Magento eCommerce website and you can get the informations about all important server metrics using the Monitoring tool that is available in the Cloudways Console. Cloudways has built-in SSH that allow command line. You can use Git for creating workflows.

Team management:

Effective team management system is a great feature on Cloudways. You can add team members and then you can set roles for team members on the server and application levels of your Cloudways Magento hosting.

Free trial:

If you are still in suscept then you can start your Magento eCommerce site with free trial. You don’t have to pay for this. Thus you can check the performance and speed of your Magento base eCommerce site on Cloudways. After confirming about the hosting server quality you can decide.

24x7x365 customer support:

Cloudways customer support is always open for all the clients. So if you have any problem or issue in your Cloudways managed Magento hosting then you can content the support.


These are the major benefits of Cloudways managed Magento hosting. If you have already use the Cloudways Magento hosting then you can share your experience with me.