Should You Register Your Domain From Your Web Host Company?

A website or blog have two separate and important part. One is domain and the other one is hosting. It is so important to understand these important element related to a website.

The domain of a website is an address people use to access your website or blog through the internet. For example, the domain of EyeSwift is To get a domain, you need to buy it buy pay a certain amount of money and also you have to pay an annual fee for that domain. You can also buy the domain for few years by paying more amount of money.

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In the other hand, web hosting is a service that let keep the files of your website. All the files of your site store in the hosting server. Technically, all the files stored on the hosted server and you point your files through a domain name. Users just need to type your domain name to access your site. You have to hire a server by paying a few for every certain amount of time or you can also buy your own server computer.

The domain registration option

In most of the time, it can be found that the web hosting company where you can host your website is also providing the domain name for your website. For many peoples, this is so easy and simple and that’s why they buy the domain and hosting from the same company.

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Also, buying a domain from web hosting company does not need to point the domain as it already done during buying hosting and choosing a domain which makes it simpler and lots of peoples choose this for its simplicity. Lack of technical knowledge is another reason to select this process. If you have multiple websites on the hosting, then you just need few clicks to point your domain to a website instead of going for DNS settings.

Another reason for buying a domain and hosting service from the same company is that lots of the hosting company provide a free domain for one year. BlueHost, HostGator, SiteGround are some of the hosting company that provides free domain with their hosting plan.

But, it is also possible to buy a domain and hosting service from two separate providers where one will provide domain name and the other one will provide the hosting service. In this case, you need to point the domain to your hosting service manually.

For example, I bought the domain from GoDaddy and the hosting providers of this site is FlyWheel. Though my hosting service provider does not provide domain name and that’s why I must have to buy the domain name from another domain name from another company.

Should you buy the domain and hosting from the same provider?

If you are going to start your first website from a web host company like BlueHost, then probably you will also buy a domain from Bluehost. Well, most of the peoples will do that.

But if you ask me if you should buy a domain and hosting from the same provider then my answer will be no.

yes, I will never recommend buying both domain and host from the same company. Though some hosting providers will give you free one-year domain name, still you should choose a different domain name provider where you only need to get a domain and go for another hosting service where you can host your website.

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Why should you not buy domain and host from the same provider?

Here I am going tp give you some reason so that you will understand why it is not recommended to buy both the domain and hosting service from the same provider. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Suppose you are running a website on a hosting provider and you get mad at your web host provider and decide to transfer your site to another host. You probably want to transfer your domain too. Transferring a domain name is really an annoying and time-consuming process which can harm your website traffic. But if you register your domain on a domain name provider then you just need to change the DNS settings of the domain. I recommend you to choose a good domain name provider. here in this post, you will see some recommendations for choosing a good domain name provider – Best 5 Domain Name Providers For Your Website Or Blog.
  • If your domain is registered with your hosting company then it will be easier for hackers to steal your domain if they somehow access your hosting. Accessing your hosting account means accessing everything in that case. So, it is not a secure way. But keeping your domain and hosting separate will prevent your domain even after your hosting files hacked. Well, you should set the different login password for your hosting and domain name provider.
  • Keeping your domain separate from your hosting provider help you to control and concentrate well in your domain. You just need to change DNS settings to point your hosting. So you can go for any hosting provider and in future, you can transfer your website files to any hosting provider. Just change DNS setting and let users access your site using the same domain.

So what you think? I know, it is very simple and easy to control if your domain and hosting are in same company or your domain is on your hosting provider. You will also get greater technical support, no need to access DNS setting which helps you to stay way from many complicated tasks.

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But, after you read the above point of this article that implies why you should not buy your domain from your hosting provider, you should realize that it is always good to choose a different company for registering a domain. Every expert will recommend you to separate your domain from your hosting provider and there is no difference in my recommendation. My first choice for buying domain names is namecheap. GoDaddy is also a good and very popular domain name provider.

I hope you have got your answer and this article is helpful for you.

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