How does free download websites earn money?

Today in this post I am going to give you the answer to a popular question that many internet users are curious to know. They want to know how download websites that provide free downloads earn money.

I hope have also downloaded music, song, videos or any kind of media from some websites. How do these websites make revenue?

Even I also visit free download websites to download my favorite kinds of music. But why those websites provide free downloads? Do they really make money?

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Many internet users think that the owner of a download site paid per download. First I want to clear to you that is not true. They never get paid for those free downloads. They are not taking any cost from you to download from these sites and that’s why they are also not getting paid for downloads. So how they making revenue?

Well, it is clear that with lots of traffic to a download website can make a considerable amount of money. But the question is how do they do it and now I am going to answer you this question.

How free download websites make revenue?

I hope you have already noticed that on download websites a new tab or browser window opened after clicking anywhere of a download website or while clicking on download link. You may also notice that there is fake download link with download text on that download website on the download page.

Did you know what happened when a new tab or browser window open? The new tab or browser window contains the sites or web pages of an ad network for whom they are working as ad publisher sites. These ad networks sites pay for browsing sites of their ad network. This is called as pop-under ads.

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So, you can say that most of the free download websites are earning money from the ad network. PopAds, Propeller Ads network is the example of these kinds of ad publisher network from where the download websites can earn money.

Also, you may find some display or banner ad on some download websites. But the opening ad on new tab or new browser window is so popular method of earning for a free download website.

Users have to click to download from the website. A download website is not like a blog website where visitor come and after reading close without click anywhere. On download website, they must have to click or just need to search the song or music or any other downloads that they want. To do that they must have to click. So it is an easy way to earn from pop-under ads. Here the ad will open in the new browser after a user clicks anywhere on the web page.

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Though the fake download links, opening ad in new browser window or the new tab is so annoying and users feel irritated with these types of ads, but still, now the download websites earning money. But search engines like Google also take some steps against these types of sites which contains too many irritating ads, pop-under ads. There is a high chance of losing a huge amount of search traffic and effects on SEO rank.

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  1. BENARD OCHIENG'. says:

    What if I want to do a business with it and sell the mp3, videos or movie as per album an a small prize, but I don’t want any embarrassment of my customers like those ads to popup on my customers actions?. How will that benefit me in this business?.

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