Record everything visitors do on your website with Smartlook

There are many analytical tools available to get the traffic reports of your website. Google Analytics, StatCounter, Clicky, GoingUp etc are some of the well known and nice website analytical tools.

But in all these website analytics tools you will not able to view the website from your visitor’s side. Did you ever think to see your website from the visitor’s eye? Is it not going to be cool?

In this post, I am going to discuss on Smartlook, a great tool that will allow you to record the video of users activity on your site. Smartlook will just record everything that visitors will do on your website and you will able to see the video on the dashboard panel of this online recording tool’s website.

How to start using with Smartlook?

Starting with this online visitors recording tool is very easy. Just visit their website link and then click the get started link. Then you will see they are providing the code which you need to put just on your website’s <head> tag. Once the code place, Smartlook will start recording the screen of real users on your site. So you see that it is really so easy to use this tool.

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You can start with free of cost for your new website. In the free plan, they will record 100000 visitors per month with ∼500 000 pageviews and their recording limit at any given moment is 10 visitors. If you exceed the limit then you have to buy their premium plan.

Why do you need to record the activity of your visitors?

You may ask or eager to know why you should record the videos of your visitor’s activity on your site? Is it not enough to only get information about the pages link that visited by visitors?

Well, for an online business understanding the online customers play an important role to improve the business and increase the revenue.  So the recorded video always have some value in understanding the customers. You can keep eyes on the screen from the user’s side and can see on which part of the website they are spending more time. You can keep your eyes on every move like where are they scrolling, where are they clicking etc.

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In this way, you have the idea of the visitors to your website and you will realize what they need. With this way, you can provide better service to the users of your site and indirectly it will improve the revenue earning from your site.

In this point of views, it is a good idea to use Smartlook online tools to record the video of the visitor’s activity that comes on your site. So what you think? Are you going to use this tool to record users activity? I hope you will share your experience with this tool.


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