5 YouTube Alternatives To Make Money From Your Videos Online

Whenever you think to make money online from your videos, then most probably the first option comes in your mind is YouTube. Monetize your videos on YouTube is a great and easy way of earning money by publishing videos. For most of the peoples, they can not think about or they don’t know about any other online platform where they can earn money online from their videos.

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So in this blog post, I am going to introduce you to new alternatives to YouTube where you can make money by publishing or by selling your videos. Here are the 5 alternatives to YouTube I have listed below with short description:

1. Dailymotion

With a huge amount of visitors, Dailymotion proved it as a leading video publishing and sharing website. This video website gets about 200 million visitors per month. You can also publish your videos to Dailymotion.

Well, the good thing about Dailymotion is that it also allows you to monetize your videos just like YouTube. Thus, you can earn money from this video publishing website. You just need to enable monetization on your Dailymotion account to start monetizing your videos. They send the payment to you when your revenue reaches $100 and they send the payment via bank transfer.

2. Vimeo Video On Demand

Vimeo is another popular high-quality video sharing platform. On Vimeo also you can earn money from your video. But the way of earning is different than YouTube and Dailymotion monetization. Here you will not earn by posting advertising links on video.

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The service provided by Vimeo called Vimeo On Demand, which will let you sell your videos directly. Video on demand service from Vimeo is for every video creators, film producer, video production houses, digital marketing companies or if you are one of those bloggers who create premium video content, you can use this service for making money online by selling your videos.

Well, Vimeo on demand is not free. You need to have a Vimeo Pro account in order to use this service, which cost $199/year.

3. MetaCafe

MetaCafe is another video sharing website which allows you to make money from your videos. You will earn for your videos on a per-views basis from this website.

On MetaCafe, you will earn more than YouTube for the same amount of video views. From the report, it can say that you can earn $1 for 1000 video views on YouTube, but on MetaCafe, you will be able to earn $5 for 1000 video views.

4. Brightcove

Brightcove is another platform that allows you to choose the option of posting your videos for purchase, or even for the rental, as long as you’re willing to charge the minimum price 99¢ for a video. It gives the creator the lion’s share of the profits– a whole 70% of them which is a unique feature of their service. It is a great way to create amazing and nice video and sell online.

5. Break.com

Break.com is another video sharing website which allows you to upload your videos, photos and flash games too. If your videos make it to the front page of this website then you’ll get $2000. The payment method uses for payout is PayPal. So you need to have a PayPal account to withdraw fund.

These are the alternatives to YouTube that allows you to earn money from your videos. If you have already used any of them then you can share your experience. I would like to listen from you.

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