10 great ways to earn money from your blog

Blogging is a nice hobby. Well, many bloggers take blogging as a full time job. There are lots of blog owner in the world who are earning a lots of money from their blog site. They are completely living on blogging.

There is a nice thing in blogging is that there are several ways available to earn money from a blog. In this article I am going to tell you about 10 ways to earn from your blog.

Here are the 10 great ways of making money from your blog:

1. CPC Ads

CPC or Cost-Per-Click advertising is a popular way to earn from a blogging site. You have to place ad code on your blogging site and you see the ad appear on your that place of your blog. When someone click the ad on your site or blog, you will get paid for that click.

Google AdSense, Infolinks are two great CPC ad network that you can use to earn money from your blog. There are lots of other CPC network for publishers available too.

2. CPM Ads

CPM or Cost-Per-Mile means cost per thousand impression. So in CPM ad you will be paid for every thousand ad impression on you site. BuySellAds, Exponential are some of the great CPM ad network to monetize a blog.

3. Direct Ads

You can sell direct ad space on your blog to earn money. Advertisers will contact you directly through contact form on your site or email to ask you if you would like to place their ad on your blog. They will pay you for direct advertising on your site. In this case also I suggest you BuySellAds as it is also an marketplace for advertisers and publishers. Also you should create a page with contact form where advertisers can contact you.

4. Paid reviews or sponsored content

When your blog become popular then you can earn by write review type post. many business and company may wish to pay you for review their product or service on your blog. I earned $25 for my first sponsored review type post on my blog. Just create a contact form so that anyone can contact you through your site.

5. Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a nice way to earn from a niche blog site. In affiliate program you will get a unique affiliate link. You have to place it on your site or blog. If someone buy a product or service, you will earn a commission from that sale. The affiliate link of the product should be a product related to your blog niche.

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6. Sell eBook

You can write and then sell eBook on your own blog. If you are running a WordPress blog then their are several plugin available which you can use to sell your eBook easily. Easy Digital Download is a great plugin to sell eBook. You can sell unlimited digital downloadable products using this plugin.

7. Sell digital downloadable products

Not only eBooks, you can sell many other digital downloadable products using Easy Digital Downloads WordPress plugin. WP eStore is also a great plugin that you can use to sell your digital products. You can sell pictures, videos, music, software and application etc. Sell whatever is perfect for your site.

8. Paid subscription

Paid subscription is a very popular ways to earn from a blog or any other type of site. Give some special services and features to the peoples who subscribe on your site by paying the subscription cost.

9. Sell service

You can sell some special service through your blog. For example, you have a programming related blog, then you can add a menu “hire us” where someone can hire you or your team for developing their website or application. The service that you will provide should be match with your site niche.

10. Sell your blog site

If your blog become popular then your site can be sold for a huge amount of money. I am not recommend this if your site is really popular. You can even earn more than the selling price in future from your site. But if you need urgent money then this is a way to earn.

So was that helpful and did you get any idea from this article to earn from your blog? Please let me know if you have used any of the technique that I have listed above and share your experience with it. Also let me know  if you have any other ideas or experienced with any other method to earn from blog that I have not listed in this article. I am always ready to listen from you and eager to know something new.

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  1. Can you suggest me some increasing adsense CPC link.

    • F.A Mollick says:

      Sorry, I didn’t understand. Can you tell me again what exactly you want to know. I will answer your question.

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