How Spelling And Grammar Mistakes Affect Your Blog And SEO?

There are lots of bloggers writing on their blog every day and just like you and me, this is so natural to make mistake in spelling and grammar at the time of writing. Some bloggers afraid by thinking that if these mistakes affect on their blog SEO and they lost Google organic search traffic.It is also a question if

It is also a question how does grammar and spelling mistakes affect on a site or blog and how much the effect is.

So does grammar and spelling mistakes affect on SEO?

Well, Google has never explicitly said that spelling mistakes and grammatical errors also the ranking factors. But Google wants to rank websites with high-quality content over those websites with poor-quality content in search engine results of Google and Google already says it in many times.

But still, grammar and spelling mistakes affect on your blog in the way you may not think. Well, the high-quality content also depends on your reader’s experience of reading your content on your blog. If there are little mistakes in grammar and spelling and your readers still can understand your content easily then there are no problem with this content. But if the mistakes make your content harder to understand and your readers stop reading your content for this then Google count it as low-quality of content. It can be found that readers feel irritated with too many grammar and spelling mistakes on an article and once they just close that web page.

So you see that grammatical errors and spelling mistakes on your blog will not directly affect on SEO. But it can indirectly and negatively affect on your blog SEO if the mistakes make your blog content poor in quality, harder to understand and make your readers irritate.

So is it okay if grammar and spelling mistakes are not making your content harder and poor in quality?

Now after reading the above content many of you can think it to be okay and there are no problem in mistakes in grammar and spelling if readers still can easily understand your content.

But wait, don’t think that.Try your best to make your content free from any errors and mistakes both in grammar and spelling. What happened if Google also takes grammatical errors and spelling mistakes as the direct ranking factors on their search results? You will lose a huge amount of your search traffic if you will not going to be prepared from now. Here in this article, I have shared my best way to solve these types of mistakes – How I Solve Grammar And Spelling Mistakes On My Blog? I think this article will be so helpful for you.

Also, suppose there are two blogs available. both of these blogs are so readers friendly and providing useful content. But one is content with some grammar and spelling mistakes while the other blog is free from these mistakes. So there is obviously one positive point for that blog which one is free from mistakes and errors.

After reading all the above content what we can think about how grammar and spelling mistakes affect on your blog SEO?

We have seen Spelling and grammar mistakes directly not affecting on SEO as Google still not consider these mistakes as their ranking factors. But this is clear, grammar and spelling mistake indirectly impact negatively on SEO. There is a relationship between the quality of your content and grammar, spelling mistakes. High-quality content should have the minimum mistakes in grammar and spelling. Too many mistakes will make your blog poorer. So you never should ignore these mistakes. Be careful during writing on your blog to minimize the grammar and spelling mistakes.

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