How Often Should You Write And Publish Blog Post?

Bloggers are often eager to know how often a blog should be updated or how often new posts should be added on a blog. There are several popular blogs which has a different frequency of posting blog.

Some bloggers post only one or two articles per week whereas some bloggers post daily. All the blogs have their own rules, routine, and time-frequency of posting new content and for new bloggers, this is really a confusion.

So what should you do? How often should you write and publish posts on your blog?

Here in this article, I am going to discuss the frequency of blogging or how frequently should you blog. I am going to tell you how often you need to write and publish new content on our blog site.

At the very first I want to say that how often you need to publish new post is depend on various things or factors that decide a blog how often it should add new content. These are given below:

Niche and type of blog

A blog niche is one of the major factors which decide how often should you write new content for your blog. If you have a news-focused blog then you need to publish content multiple times daily. For a news-type blog where all kind of news available, you should write a minimum of three articles daily. This is also applied for a gossip blog. You need to post several time in a day as any time there is breaking news or gossip available that you need to cover. So for this type of blog you need to post very frequently.

For a food blog, you can post only one or two articles per week. Also if you have a travel blog that contain your experience of traveling then you can update your blog one per week as it is based on your travel experience. If you want to update daily on a blog with your travel experience then I think it is not possible for you to travel everyday.

Similarly, if you have a blog that is seasonal type, such as a gardening blog, you may post new content very frequently during the spring and summer and less frequently during the winter when very less people are planting and harvesting.

Now think about beauty and fashion blogs. How often a beauty and fashion niche blog should be updated? My guess two or three post per week is enough for a beauty and fashion blog.

So obviously it is clear that blogging frequency is depend on the type or niche of that blog.

How often should you write posts if your blog is new?

For new blog, whatever the niche or type of your blog, you need to increase the number of post on your blog. So for a new blog you need to add new content very frequently until your blog have a sufficient amount of post. After you have a sufficient number of post on your blog, you can write depending on the niche of your blog. Remember, you have to setup your new blog in a position and to do it you can do hard work at the starting.

From a reader point of view

As a reader, I will prefer a blog that are not posting so much frequently because, if I am a regular visitor of a blog I may not follow each post if the blog update so much frequently. Also if I have subscribed for new post update, I may feel disturbed and then I will just unsubscribe from that blog. Well, for a news or gossip blog the thing is different.

You obviously have to write multiple times in one day for news and gossip blog. But for any other types of blog don’t post too much frequently that the reader unsubscribes from your blog. Regular visitors are so precious for a blog. Posting too often will decrease reader engagement of your blog.

In the end I want to say one thing, always remember that quality is better than quantity. It is better to write three quality blog in a week than writing one low-quality blog daily. So don’t try to write more frequently if the quality of your writing becomes poor for this. Search engines always like quality content on a blog site.

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