How to reduce image size to make your blog or site faster?

Website speed is one of the most important factors for a better audience experience, for reducing bounce rate, for SEO and for many other reasons. This is applicable for any type of sites. It can be an eCommerce store or just a blogging site, speed matters a lot.

In most of the cases, images on web pages are responsible mostly for making the memory size of the web page higher. So obviously it is better to take some steps to reduce the image size on your web page.

And how to do that?

Well, don’t worry! In this post, I am going to tell you several ways which can help you to reduce the image size of your website or blog pages. You can choose any one way which you think is good.

Great ways to reduce image size of your web page

Here are some of the nice way which can help you to reduce image memory size on your web pages or blog pages:

Use online image optimizer tool

One of the great and easy ways is to use online image optimizer tools. Before you upload an image on your site you can optimize it using one of these tools and then you can use it on your site or blog. Some of the great online image optimizer tools are:

You will get more details information about each online image optimizer tools on this post: 5 Best Online Image Optimizer – Compression Tools

Use image optimizer plugin for your WordPress blog

There are some nice WordPress plugins available which you can use to optimize images on your WordPress site or blog. Some of the great image optimizer WordPress plugins are:

If you want to know about these image optimizer WordPress plugins then I suggest you read this blog post: Best WordPress Plugins To Optimize Images

Use CloudFlare Image optimizations with Polish

Cloudflare is a CDN service provider which mainly provide CDN service for static contents like CSS, JavaScript, images etc by sending these content from the closest data center. To know more about a CDN service I suggest you read this blog post: What Is CDN And Why You Should Use It For Your Website?

Do you know that CloudFlare also provides image optimization feature with polish? Wel, Cloudflare provides this on their premium plan that is started from $20. For $20 images on your site will be reduced and thus your web page has less memory and makes your website or blog loading faster.

These are some of the great ways of reducing and optimizing images on your site or blog. In my case, I use online tool to optimize my JPG images. Well, it will not work for PNG images and not good but it is perfect for me as I only use JPG images and also I don’t have any other requirements.

If you know about any other image optimizing way then you can share it with me. I would also like to listen from you.

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