JPEG or PNG Images For Your Website or Blog for SEO?

PNG and JPEG are the two most popular image formats. As they have different format names, so there must be some difference between these two types of image format.

Many bloggers and website owners may think what may be the differences between these two types of image format and they can not decide which one is better for their website or blog. They are so confused in choosing the perfect format for their site.

If you are also among them and unable to decide the perfect choice for your image then I am here to tell you the truth. But before I am going to tell you which format of image you should choose I should tell you the differences between a JPEG and a PNG image format so that you can easily understand which one is better for a site. Let’s see what is a JPEG and what is a PNG formatted image.

What is JPEG?

JPEG or Joint Photographic Experts Group is a type of file that was developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group and the extension also given by the abbreviation name of this group. This type of file was developed to be a standard for professional photographers.

JPEG format is a lossy and compressed file format which makes it useful for storing photographs at a smaller size than a BMP. JPEG file type for images often use on websites as it is compressed and takes low memory size. In this type of file format, it compresses image data by reducing the sections of images to blocks of pixels or tiles. Each time, a JPEG type image compressed, some of the image information lost. That means if you compress an image extensively to make the file very small, you can see the loss in quality that is visible.

What is a PNG file type?

PNG file type of image is a lossless compression file format and this type of image file also a common choice to use on the web. PNG is a nice choice for store text, line drawings, and iconic graphics at small file sizes. PNG files compress images to create a smaller file but in that case, it limits the number of colors in that file.

One of the best features that you can see in PNG type images is that it can have transparent backgrounds. This transparency property makes PNG so popular.

So which one you should use on your website or blog?

Depending on your requirement you may use PNG or JPG file type for your images on your blog or your site. Sometimes it is good to use a JPEG type image and sometimes it is better to use the image with PNG file type. So the question should be –

When to use PNG and when you should use JPEG on your site?

So if you should choose PNG or JPG on a web page is not a perfect question. The question is now become when to choose PNG and when to use JPG image format.

When should you use the JPEG image format?

As JPEG images are lossy image type and it reduced its file size, so JPEG image really helps you a lot to decrease the page size. By using it the page memory size can be minimized and your web page will have fast loading time. Web page loading time is also a factor of SEO. So you can improve SEO of your site by optimized images in JPEG format.

When should you use PNG images for your website?

Obviously, PNG type images are higher in file size. But in many times you need to use PNG type images. If you need a transparent background, then JPEG type images do not support it. For this reason, you have to choose PNG type images. Also, PNG format is a lossless compression file format. It is a good choice for storing line drawings, text, and iconic graphics at a small file size.

So did you understand? At last, we have seen that it completely depends on our need to use PNG or JPG image. In some situations, it is good to use PNG and some other situations it is good to use the JPEG type image. I hope you have understood what may be the situation. You can ask me anything if you have further questions related to this blog post.

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