Introducing To This SMS Sending WooCommerce Plugin To Send SMS

Sending SMS to the users of a website for different steps that taken on that site is so popular these days and many of the websites you can see this functionality. Also, in an eCommerce store, it will really be so amazing and helpful to have SMS sending facility when buyers order a product or make a payment.

WooCommerce is a popular WordPress plugin that can transform your WordPress based website into a full-featured eCommerce site. But WooCommerce does not have SMS notification sending feature. To send SMS notification to your buyers’ phone number and to get notified of order on your own phone number you can use a plugin.

Here in this post, I am going to tell you about a plugin which can be used with WooCommerce to send SMS to buyers’ phone number and also send SMS notification to admin’s phone number.

MSG91 WooCommerce SMS Integration Plugin

MSG91 WooCommerce SMS Integration Plugin is a wonderful WordPress plugin built to send SMS notification for order status to buyers and admin phone number.

Here are some of the great features of this plugin:

  1. Send an SMS to buyer’s phone number after he/she order a product from your WooCommerce store.
  2. Send SMS to buyers after they made successful payment to order a product.
  3. Admin can get SMS notification of order status.
  4. You can choose if SMS for each type order status should be sent to admin or to buyers or to both. There is two text box available for each type of order status. One is for admin SMS notification and the other is notification to buyers.
  5. You can enable/disable SMS for order complete.
  6. You can enable/disable SMS for order hold.
  7. You can enable/disable SMS for order processing.
  8. You can enable/disable SMS for order refund.
  9. You can enable/disable SMS for order pending payment.
  10. You can enable/disable SMS for order failed.

Download MSG91 WooCommerce SMS Integration Plugin

You will be able to turn off any type of SMS for admin or buyers or for both.

How to use this plugin?

After you download and activate this plugin, all you need to do is just get your MSG91 API key from MSG91 website. Obviously, you need to buy SMS credit from MSG91 to send SMS through this plugin. This plugin works with transactional route SMS. SO you have to buy credits for transactional route SMS from MSG91.

Download MSG91 WooCommerce SMS Integration Plugin

It is very simple to use this plugin. You just need to fill up two textbox field, MSG91 API key, and sender ID. After you provide your MSG91 API key and a sender ID of six characters, your plugin will be ready to work with MSG91.

Off course, this SMS plugin will help you and your buyers. Your buyers will be confirmed for any order status without visiting your website. You will also be able to get notification of order on your WooCommerce store without connecting to the internet. All will be done just by SMS.

Do you think this plugin may be helpful to you? You can download this plugin from here.

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