Movie information with rating, trailer, actors full details PHP script

If you want a PHP script that will show all the information about all the movies even the upcoming movies then this PHP script will be your lifesaver.

Because now I am going to introduce you to a PHP web application script that will give you what you need.

The best part is that you can make custom requests to change or add any feature you would like to have.

Before going to describe all the available features it will be better if you take a look at the live preview of this TMDB Live Preview of Movie PHP Script.

This web application is developed by a software development company named CodeSpeedy Technology Private Limited.

You can directly buy the script from their website.

Here is the link to buying the script: TMDB Movie PHP Script – Movie Video Trailers and Info – CodeSpeedy


  • The script is using TMDB API to show the best result.

Features of this movie information PHP Script

The features are mentioned below:

  • All the features that you have seen in the live preview.
  • Personalized Ad space.
  • Star rating.
  • The whole template will be responsive so that it can be user-friendly for both the PC and Mobile version.
  • The configuration will be the easiest part as you will only have to put the API key, rest of the things will be handled smoothly by this script.
  • AJAX is there so it will be more userfriendly as the whole page won’t load again and again. Only the necessary parts will be loaded when required.
  • All the upcoming movie information will also be there.
  • Multiple trailers can be shown if multiple trailers are available.
  • Ajax search is also available.


If you feel that you need to add or remove options or if you want to customize the theme of this application you can directly ask them they will customize it for you as per your requirement.

The contact information can be found on their website.

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