Publift review, earning report and traffic requirements

This article will cover a full review of the Pubift Ad network with my earning report.

I am a Saruque and I run multiple blogs in multiple niches. So whatever experiences I gain, I share those with my audiences through this blog.

Over the last 10 years, I have used more than 20 ad networks. But I am sticking with only a few ad networks after testing all of those. And Publift is one of those.

Traffic requirement is mentioned at the bottom of this post.

The reasons why I use Publift

Important reasons are mentioned below:

  • The main and most important reason is Revenue.
  • Professional support team.
  • Easy to add the ad tags.
  • Their dashboard with lots of useful features and insights.
  • Payment on time.

I will explain each of the reasons I mentioned here one by one.

The revenue I generate from Publift

We all know that revenue depends on the traffic region, traffic quality and quantity as well.

The simple term is the more traffic you are having the more CPM rate you will get.

But still, Publift is able to increase the revenue that you are generating on most of the other ad networks.

Here I can only share my experience while using Publift.

Previously I was using Valueimpression undoubtedly that was an Awesome ad network. I have also written a full review of that: Valueimpression ad network review for publishers and bloggers

But we gained more than 300k organic traffic per month and thought to give it a try to another ad network after using valueimpression for 2 years.

Then I joined Publift.

Below is the earning report page while joining the ad network back in 2022 and I am still using it.

publift earning report

My earning report from Publift


It got increased by almost 20% within one month.

The support team of Publift

They have an awesome team for the support. But the communication media is email only for now.

But if you are not having enough traffic to join Publift then it may be happen that they won’t respond to it. In that case, you can contact us so that we can talk to my Publift account manager to reach you via email.

Publift dashboard

Publift dashboard is simple but has lots of features for data visualization.

I am showing here some of the screenshots of their dashboard.

publift dashboard

The above screenshot is the default dashboard of Publift after log in.

But we can easily change the currency and filter dates as well. Most of the traffic is from India which is a tier 3 country.

You can expect a lot more if you are having tier-1 traffic.

Payment method and terms of Publift

At the time of joining this Ad network, they will give you a form and you will also have to tell them your Bank account. I can’t remember properly if there were other payment methods available or not as joined them almost 2 years back. But I used my Bank account as a payment method for receiving the payouts.

They have a separate option in the dashboard to track and see all the details of payments they have made or will pay. I can also export the data easily.

They will send the remittance advice as well if required along with all the payment invoices in email. The payment will be made in Australian dollar as the company is in Australia and that will not be an issue as the payment generally receives within 24 hours of making the payment.

Publift will send the Google’s part 1 payment and part 2 payment on the basis of NET 30 and NET 60 basis. But you will be getting the payment on time. For us, we receive the payment on the 25th of each month.

Traffic requirements

I just find their website by Google search and there I find that I have to fill a simple form like website current revenue and name email etc.

Then they reached us via email.

For their policy, you must have to gain a total of 500k monthly traffic and current revenue should be greater than 2000$ to join Publift.

But if you are having little lesser traffic you can contact them manually.


In my opinion, Publift worked fine for me. But sometimes it has been seen that some ad network is more suitable for blogs for a specific category. Thus I suggest you to give it a try. If it works fine for you also then you can use this Ad network as long as you like.

I am using publift on my website CodeSpeedy. You can reach us by going to that site by searching Google.

If you have any other queries, feel free to write in the comment section.

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