Newor Media Review: Increase Your AdSense Earnings

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In this blog post, I am going to let you know about the best header bidding advertising provider I have ever used for publishers. I am going to review this ad publishing network with my earnings report. So keep reading if you are excited to learn about this…

The header bidding ad network I am talking about is called Newor Media.

If you are already using AdSense, then I want to let you know the fact, using Newor Media you can earn even much more than AdSense. By switching or adding them as another partner alongside AdSense, bloggers can boost their earnings anywhere from 50-200%.

What is Newor Media?

Newor Media is one of the best programmatic ad solutions that specializes in increasing ad revenue header bidding advertising solution for publishers. Programmatic advertising is a process to use automated technology for media buying and selling advertising space.

With its header bidding technology, it is able to increase your ad revenue to the next level as it will ensure you have more money for every impression available on your website.

How did I come to know about this header bidding specialist ad optimizer?

Well, if you are willing to know how I did come to know about this header bidding ad revenue optimizer, then I am happily ready to discuss it.

I can remember that day when a person whose name is Roubing Liao contacted me through the contact page of one of my websites. The website is a programming blog I am running with my browser. That person was a partner with Newor Media and introduced me to this ad-providing platform.

That day I first come to know about that ad network.

That person from Newor Media asked me to place a Newor Media ad on my programming blog.

My Review on Newor Media with My Own Experience

I know you are waiting to get the review about this header bidding ad publisher. So without wasting any more time, I am going to review it.

My review on Newor Media is going to be based on my own experience. I prefer to review any services after I use them. So this review is based on my own experience and of course on the earnings.

Below are some of the key points to take into accounts about the Newor Media ad network:


Like any other premium ad publishing network for publishers, this one also specialized in increasing ad revenue. But the difference is that, after I tried many other types of header bidding premium ad networks, Newor Media is the best among all of them.

Well, I have just put two ad units, but the revenue is much higher compared to this number of ad units.

You can use their earnings calculator to get an estimation of how much you can earn from your site using this ad provider.

By switching or adding them as another partner alongside AdSense, bloggers can boost their earnings anywhere from 50-200%.

Header bidding

I have already mentioned in this blog post that the header bidding technology of this ad provider helps publishers to increase revenue much higher.

By having relationships with all of the major Supply-Side Networks it will make sure they have the most bidders possible for your auction. In this way, Newor Media will help you to make more money from your blog or website.

Payout options

This ad optimizing provider currently have three payouts method at the time of writing this article. These are:

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Wire Transfer or you can say bank transfer

Well, I prefer to use Payoneer as my payment option. But you can choose whatever you like. I am using Payoneer as the commission rate of Payoneer in India is lower than PayPal. You can find which payment option is most beneficial for you and use that one.

Video Ads

Video ads will be the future of the advertising world. I hope you also can guess that the future is video and people are consuming more and more videos as the internet speed is increasing. Google also is encouraging video ads as it will boost advertising revenue in this key area

Newor Media also come up with their Outstream video technologies. By adding their video ads on your website you can earn even more revenue from your website.

In addition to video ads, Newor supports a wide variety of different ad types. They work with publishers to optimize ad type and layout for increased revenue. In addition, they offer sticky ads, display ads, native and more!

Effect on the speed of site loading

The ads that come via Newor Media are good in quality. Generally, you can see that ads from some of the other ad providers make your site too slow and heavier. But in the case of this provider, the ads load relatively faster and smoother.

The fast and smooth loading of advertisements is another reason for me to use this ad publishing network.


To get approval from This provider it needs 30,000 monthly unique visitors. If you have a small website, then I suggest you to increase your traffic first and then apply for Newor Media.

Their ads also cannot run on the same page as other header bidding ad technology. You have to place at least two ad units.

Payment terms

They have payment terms of NET30 for all the publishers. For example, you will receive January earnings in the first week of March. Newor also guarantees payment despite network clawbacks. So publishers get paid what they’re owed, no matter what.


A lot of people shy away from header bidding because of how techy it is. However, Newor offers easy onboarding and integration. After applying, a publisher will hear back on whether they’ve been accepted (1-2 days) and then start onboarding.

A dedicated publisher helps you throughout the process and even offers suggestions for high-performing units. Following that, you get an account set up with access to a dashboard that tracks all the essential metrics. Their customer support is one of the best. So, if you have issues at any time, they work quickly to help you out.


AdSense vs Newor Media

I have already told you that Newor Media generates more revenue than AdSense. So of course, Newor Media is the better one, not only better than AdSense but also best among most of the other ad networks.

But if your traffic is small, then you can not apply for Newor Media as it needs a higher amount of traffic. So in that case, you can use AdSense until your traffic grow. So you have to wait for the traffic.


Increasing Your AdSense Earnings

Newor Media does not hold publishers to contracts or exclusivity, meaning you can use them in conjunction with AdSense. As a result, you get to benefit from everything they provide while still having an AdSense account. This is how you can truly increase your AdSense earnings.

  • Get increased ad rates: They have a larger pool of advertisers than AdSense because they are a header bidding provider. So by adding them to your stack, you get more competition and more money!
  • Better user experience: Since they focus on optimizing site speed and layout optimization, you’ll get a better user experience with them. Users won’t have to deal with slow loading or obnoxious ad placements.
  • Get revenue-generating solutions: Newor offers a host of ad solutions that AdSense doesn’t. By adding them to your stack alongside AdSense, you can take advantage of them. You can earn money you wouldn’t have with AdSense using solutions like ad-block recovery and ad-refresh.
  • CPM vs CPC: AdSense pays per click, something a lot of bloggers struggle with. If you have generally low click-through rates, then you’d make more under Newor’s cost-per-impressions (view) model.


My Personal Experience on This provider After using for One Month

I have already mentioned at the beginning that Newor Media is the best ad technology I have ever seen. If you have a good amount of traffic, then you can try applying on their website. I hope, you will get approved

After using this ad provider for one month I want to let you know that I just love Newor Media and I suggest everyone use this ad publishing partner.

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