Niche Pro Theme for your lifestyle WordPress blog

Niche Pro Theme for your lifestyle WordPress blog

Are you running a lifestyle blog or want to start a lifestyle blog using WordPress?

The common question comes in mind before starting a WordPress blog is what theme should be used. Nowadays, most importantly, in a lifestyle or magazine-style blog, the theme should be beautiful and modern. So in this article, I am going to introduce you to a theme which will be a great choice for your lifestyle WordPress blog.

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Niche Pro Theme by StudioPress

Niche Pro is a great theme for a WordPress site. If you want to start a lifestyle blog, then Niche Pro Theme is a perfect choice for you. This theme is developed by the StudioPress team. The theme is built with the Genesis Framework.

Below are some of the reasons which imply why this theme is so great:

Custom Page Templates available

This is an amazing feature that is always expected from a good WordPress theme. There are some pre-made custom page templates available that you can use for your page to give it the looks that suit most.

Theme Customizer

A proper theme should come with the theme customizer. The Niche Pro Theme has come with the customizer panel where you can change theme’s settings, content, colors etc. The amazing thing is that you can see the preview of those changes you make in real-time.

WooCommerce ready

Using the popular WooCommerce plugin, you can start your own eCommerce website from WordPress without having any programming skill. The Niche Pro Theme for WordPress blog has come with WooCommerce support.

Theme Options

Using the theme options panel, you can customize and set up your new site to start with just withing a few clicks in minutes. It will be very easy and there is no need for any programming knowledge.

Get Niche Pro Theme for your lifestyle WordPress blog


Customizable header part

In the header part, you can customize the logo easily. Both text-based logo and image logo are supported by this theme.

Responsive and mobile-friendly design

Today, a wide range of internet users are from a mobile device. So, a site should be perfectly optimized for mobile as well as tablets. This theme is perfectly optimized for mobile. That means, your site will also look beautiful from a mobile device and even in every type of modern browsers.

Widget Areas

A good theme is always expected to come with a number of widget areas. Widget areas are those areas where WordPress user can add widgets just by drag and drop. With widget areas, widget content also expected from a theme. This theme has come with both the widget areas and custom widget content which will give freedom to your WordPress blog.


I hope you have got some ideas about the Niche Pro WordPress blog theme. You can get this theme from the official StudioPress website.

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