Best 5 Alternatives Ad Networks to Earn More than AdSense

Alternatives to Earn More than AdSense

When we think about earning from blogging, the very first thing that comes in the mind of most of us is to monetize the blog with an ad network. Well, it comes to choose an ad network to monetize the blog to make money, AdSense is always the first choice.

AdSense is an ad network service by Google for website owners and bloggers. Bloggers can make money by monetizing their blog through AdSense.

But is AdSense is the only choice? Is AdSense the best option to make money by monetizing your blog?

Do you not think there should be other alternatives?

Yes, there are other alternatives available for AdSense.

Now, you may think if the other ad networks pay more or less than AdSense. Well, I have read a lot of blogs on the internet. All of them are saying that AdSense is the highest paying ad network.

Well, from their point of view, yes that’s true only if you compare it with other ad networks. But did you ever heard of ad manager or ad revenue optimizer? You can also monetize your blog with an ad manager service.

If you compare AdSense with ad manager, then there are some ad managers available for bloggers that can pay even more than AdSense.

Yes, what you have just listened to is right. You can earn more than AdSense.

Here in this article, I am going to introduce you to the 3 best AdSense alternatives to earn even more than AdSense. Off-course these are going to be ad managers and not ad networks. But these ad managers required a minimum amount of traffic.

5 best AdSense alternatives that pay more

Below are four ad managers that can pay more than AdSense:


I have added Ezoic in the first of this list because bloggers with low traffic are also eligible to use this ad network. This one is a partner of Google ad publisher and certified by Google as well.

To join this network, you only need at least 10000 visits per month. Well, I also want to let you know, this ad network will work with AdSense or Google Ad Manager. So still you have to get approved by AdSense to join this network. Ezoic actually optimizes and helps to maximize your AdSense or Google Ad Manager revenue.

But after your blog starts getting sufficient traffic, you should go with other ad networks given below. They will even pay you more.


Mediavine was created by fellow bloggers for a common goal that is more traffic, faster sites and better user experiences.

To monetize your blog with Mediavine, your blog or website needs a minimum of 25000 sessions per month. The traffic quality also matters to get approved by Mediavine.

Using Mediavine, you can earn more than AdSense. Some of the bloggers even earn 3 to 4 times than they were earning from AdSense.

So off-course, Mediavine is a great ad manager for bloggers.


If you were amazed by the income of Mediavine, then please wait and relax. Because AdThrive is here that can help you to earn even more than Mediavine.

If you ask bloggers who are using AdThrive ad manager, you can see that they are earning even 6 to 8 times than that of AdSense.

The minimum monthly traffic required for AdThrive is 100000. Well, 60% of traffic should become from the USA.


Well, this is the ad manager that I use for one of our blogs. I first came to know about this amazing service for publishers from a tutorial website.

Before I start with Valueimpression, I was still living in the belief that no one can pay more than AdSense. But I was completely wrong. After my brother investigates and contacts with them, we decide to leave AdSense and move on towards Valueimpression.

After we start using the Valueimpression ad manager, we were completely amazed. On the very first day of Valueimpression, we found that our income increases by double and even after a few days it becomes 3 times than AdSense.

The Valueimpression team is working hard to optimize the ad to increase our income. So every day we can see increasing our revenue. We will soon let you know by updating this article when the optimization process will be completed. Yes, Valueimpression for our blog is still under the optimization process.

Well, Valueimpression also has a minimum traffic requirement which is monthly 100000.


Another popular premium quality type ad publishing partner is MonetizeMore. This is also a Google-certified ad revenue optimization platform like MediaVine and AdThrive.

This ad network also has a certain requirement which is $1000 in ad revenue. You can try their monetization service before joining after you submit a simple form and then request a product demo.


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I hope you have found a new way of earning other than AdSense than can pay you even more. But a lot of bloggers are completely ignorant of this and they still live in the belief and they think no one can pay more than AdSense.

Even I found lots of bloggers think is the best alternative. But, the best alternatives to AdSense doesn’t mean that you only have to choose from an ad network. A lot of bloggers are completely ignorant of the ad managers that I have just discussed in this article.

Well, a common fact for all these ad managers is that they need a minimum amount of traffic. So, for a new blog or website, it is okay to start with AdSense. After you reach that minimum amount of traffic, you can choose one of the ad managers that I have just discussed in this article. It will increase your revenue dramatically by multiple times.


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