Pixfuture Ad Network Review for Publishers

Pixfuture is a premium ad network that helps publishers to maximize their ad revenue. Their office is located in Toronto, Canada. They are running their ad campaign successfully in 25 languages worldwide.

Now in this article, I am going to give you an honest review of the Pixfuture ad network so that you can decide on your own if you should go through this ad partner or not.

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Well, I didn’t find any specific traffic requirements for this ad partner. But, still, to get approved, you need to have sufficient traffic. When I got approval from Pixfuture, I was getting over 100000 pageviews per month.

In this review I am going to dig into both the pros and cons of Pixfuture and also will share my personal experience at the end of this article. So please read it completely.

How did I start with the Pixfuture ad network?

First time I know about the Pixfuture ad publisher network from my brother. He came to know about it from a programming blog. I saw my interest and I think it to give a chance.

So we decided on this ad network use along with another of our ad networks called Valueimpression. We put the Pixfuture advertising code in the passback of Valueimpression.

Well in this article, I am not going to tell you my earnings report as I have already discussed my Pixfuture earnings report in this article.

Pros and Cons

Every product and service has its own pros and cons. There is no difference in the case of Pixfuture as it also has both pros and cons. Before you start using Pixfuture, you must be aware of both pros and cons of this network. Also, it is my responsibility to give you the perfect review of this network.

So let’s start…


Below is the list where you can see the pros of Pixfuture:

  • CPM rate is higher.
  • You can make several times more than AdSense. So comparing to AdSense, Pixfuture can give you more.
  • The fill rate is good. They claim that they can give 100% fill rate. Even I also able to get a 100% fill rate from this ad network.
  • The approval process is easy and straight forward. It only takes a few days to get approved.
  • Their email support is good. Every time I contact them via email, they come to support.

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Before I am going to give you the pros, I want to let you know that all the cons listed are found at the time of writing this article. In the future, they may improve.

  • Makes your blog or website slow. For each display ad unit, you have to use a JavaScript file. For example, if you have 5 ad units, then you have to put 5 JavaScript files. It takes more time to load and the site takes more time to load.
  • Many bloggers love to accept payment via Payoneer. This is because it charges very little amount and much lower than PayPal. But Pixfuture doesn’t have Payoneer withdrawal support.
  • Dashboard UI and design are very poor. Also, they don’t keep records of previous payments sent by them. Below is the screenshot of the dashboard of this publishing partner:
    Pixfuture Dashboard UI

My personnel experience with Pixfuture

If you ask about my personnel experience with Pixfuture, then I will like to say that it was not bad at all. They paid very well. As a passback ad provider, this ad network performed very well. I appreciate their service. 

Below is the earnings report for March 2020 from Pixfuture:

Pixfuture earnings

But the only thing I don’t like about them is they make my website so much slower. I am currently using Valueimpression, but they don’t make my site slower like Pixfuture. I know every ad network makes your site a little bit slower, even Valueimpression also does it. But Pixfuture is much slower.

Another thing I don’t like about them is the UI design of their dashboard. But this is not a big deal for me. I feel irritated when I found that they have no historical data for the previous payout.

In the end, I want to say again that if you want to look for a good ad network that pays well, then you can go through this ad network. Pixfuture works well on news sites.

I hope, you have some ideas about this ad network now after you read this review of Pixfuture for publishers. I wish this article is going to help you to make the right decision.

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