Ezoic vs Monumetric – Which one is better?

There are a number of ad networks available that you can use to monetize your blog. Ezoic and Monumetric are two popular ad networks.

Both the Ezoic and Monumetric has the requirements of 10000 monthly traffic to get approved. Both of these ad networks can increase your revenue multiple times than AdSense.

After your blog starts getting 10000 monthly pageviews, you may also be confusing to choose between Ezoic and Monumetric. You may think which one is the better ad network between these two like lots of other bloggers who just reach 10k monthly traffic. So here I am going to give you the comparison of Ezoic vs Monumetric that will help you to choose the better one.

Here I am going to let you know both the pros and cons of each of these ad networks.

So let’s start…

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Ezoic is an ad tester that can increase the revenue of your AdSense or Ad manager by testing with their artificial intelligence. With this process, they can optimize ad revenue.

Joining Ezoic is completely free of cost. Ezoic takes only a few days to approve a site, Most of the time it only takes 1 to 3 days to approve.

Ezoic can pay several times more than AdSense. Bloggers who use Ezoic can see a dramatic increase in revenue after they start using Ezoic. I also started using it. But for some reason, I had to stop using Ezoic ads.

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Monumetric is another ad network that works in a different way than Ezoic. If your traffic is between 10k-80k, you have to pay $99 to join Monumetric.

As you can see, joining Monumetric is not free like Ezoic. Also, it takes 2 – 6 weeks for the approval process and showing ads on your site.

Just like Ezoic, Monumetric also able to increase your revenue. There is not much difference in revenue between Monumetric and Ezoic.

Why I prefer Ezoic over Monumetric?

Well, I personally prefer Mounumetric over the Ezoic network. There are several reasons behind my choice between Ezoic vs Monumetric that is mentioned below:

  • Joining Ezoic is free, but to join Monumetric you have to pay $99 if your traffic is between 10k and 80k. This amount is a lot for a new blogger. In the case of Ezoic, there is nothing like that.
  • From the approval process to showing up an ad on your site take a longer time in Monumetric. It takes 2 to 6 weeks. But Ezoic takes only 1 to 3 days in the approval process.
  • If you are using Monumetric, then you must have to give 30 days of prior notice to leave their platform. But in the case of Ezoic, you can leave them any time without any prior notice and they will still send you all the pending balance.
  • Propel users of Monumetric have to place at least 6 ad units. it may be too much for many bloggers.
  • Ezoic users freely can use any other networks. But in the case of Monumetric propel users, you have to inform Monumetric to use any other ad network.
  • Ezoic has a net 30 payment system, but in the case of Monumetric, they have a net 60 payment which is so long time period.
  • New users on Monumetric must have to keep their ad tags live et least for 30 days whereas you can turn off and turn on Ezoic ads any time you like.

I hope, the points given above give you a clear idea of why I like the Ezoic ad network more than Monumetric. Not only for me but for many other bloggers, these points can be so important to decide which one to choose.

Downsides of Ezoic

It is true that I prefer Ezoic over Monumetric. But it doesn’t mean that Ezoic has no downside. Well, still there are downsides of Ezoic available. Below is the list where you can find the downside of using Ezoic:

  • Ezoic is comparably slow than Monumetric. It makes your site a little bit slower.
  • Many of the bloggers and even I don’t like the setup process of Ezoic. You have to point the DNS to the Ezoic DNS server that may not be good for many. Also, it is a complicated task. Although, they have different setup options available like the setup process via CloudFlare or using WordPress plugin. But still, these are little bit of complicated tasks. Many of us may not feel comfortable to load our website via the Ezoic server.

Though I found these downsides of Ezoic, but still, I prefer it more than Monumetric for the reasons I have already mentioned. This is because these downsides play a less important role to make Monumetric better.

Well, what you think? Which one you think is better between these two ad networks. Maybe you have a different choice than mine. Please comment below what you think is better to start with.

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