Why I stop using Ezoic on my blog for monetization

Ezoic is a Google-certified premium ad partner for publishers that helps bloggers to make a good amount of money. Lots of bloggers love to start with this ad network after they reach the minimum traffic requirements.

For almost 1 year I am using the Valueimpression ad network that pays me very well and I am completely satisfied with them. But still, for curiosity, I gave a chance to Ezoic to see how they perform.

So I applied to Ezoic and got approved by them. Their minimum monthly traffic required is only 10k and at that time when I got approved from Ezoic, my traffic was above 100k. So it was so easy for me to get their ads.

Ezoic is a good ad network platform. It can increase your revenue 4 to 5 times more than AdSense earning. For bloggers who have no much amount of traffic, I will say Ezoic is the best choice for them as it accepts websites with only a minimum of 10k of traffic.

But in my case, I had over 100k traffic, and I got a more premium ad network that required 100k traffic. So there is no meaning in using Ezoic for me. But again, it is okay to use it when you have 10k monthly pageviews as there are no other choices available. Within that amount of traffic, Ezoic is the most suitable partner for publishers.

Well, currently I have almost 250k monthly traffic on the blog where started with Ezoic. But at that time of applying, I had a little bit more than 100k traffic.

Why did I stop using Ezoic?

I hope, you have already got the clue why I stop using Ezoic ads on my blog. Here I am going to let you know the reasons behind it in detail.

I hope you know that page loading speed is one of the important factors of ranking on Google. Also, fast page loading speed help to improve the user experience. But Ezoic ads was making my blog slower and increases the page loading time even more than the ad network I am already using.

I know every ad network causes increasing the page load time. But still, the current ad network doesn’t make my page speed load time much slower as Ezoic does. Also, the current ad network looks like generating a little bit more revenue than Ezoic.

Now only this, but I had to allow my website to load via the Ezoic server by allowing it through Cloudflare. There is also the option to allow it by changing the DNS server name. But it will also the reason to make my site slower.

Also, there is another option to use Ezoic by installing their WordPress plugin. I didn’t choose this option as I don’t want my blog plugin heavy. I always try to use as few WordPress plugins as it is possible.

So these are the reasons that lead me to stop using the Ezoic Ad network on my blog.

Well, for many bloggers it may look complicated for the process of implementing it, especially the one who is not from a technical background. Even in the beginning, I was also confused. But in the end, I did successfully. Well as I was able to do it, so I think it should not be the reason to stop using it.

The major reason of stop this network is the load time.

I hope you have understood the reasons why I stop using Ezoic.

Should you use Ezoic to monetize your blog?

Well, if you have already the above content, then you already know that Ezoic only required 10k monthly pageviews. Also, this is the best ad network I ever have seen that approve websites with 10k traffic.

So if you have just started getting 10k monthly traffic and want to make 4 to 5 times more than AdSense then I always welcome you to use it to monetize your website. After your traffic increase further, you can switch to any other better publishing platform.

Ezoic doesn’t have any strict rules like sending notice before leaving them, or payout issue if leaving them without any prior notice like Monumetric. Also, it takes less time for both the installing and optimization process.

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