My earnings report from my blog using Pixfuture

Here I am again to share my personal experience using the Pixfuture ad network. I am here to show you my earning report from this premium ad network.

Before I jump into the topic, let me tell you about Pixfuture in brief for those who don’t know about this ad network.

Pixfuture is a premium ad network and is not like AdSense. The company is based in Canada. If you don’t know about the premium ad network, then just keep in mind that the premium ad network can pay more than AdSense. In my case, it pays 4 to 5 times more than the AdSense.

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How did I start with Pixfuture?

I can remember that day when I received an email from one of the representatives of Pixfuture and asked to give them a try on our blog.

The blog where I used Pixfuture is a tutorial blog for computer programming languages. I and my brother together run that blog.

Well, our blog was also using the Valueimpression premium ad network at that time and even now also we are using it. So I was confused and thinking that if using two ad networks on a blog is a good idea or not. But again, we asked the Pixfuture representative if it is possible to use Pixfuture in the Valueimpression passback or not.

Valueimpression has a passback system. If there is no ad coming from Valueimpression than it will show the ad we pass in the passback. You can also check out my earning from Valueimpression in this article – My Earnings Report From Blog Using Valueimpression.

Well, after Pixfuture was agreed to put their ad in Valueimpresion passback we decided to use Pixfuture also on our site.

Within a few days, I finally start using Pixfuture on our blog. But it was never my primary source of earning. The main earning source was always Valueimpression and even now also I rely on Valueimpression.

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How much I earned using Pixfuture? The earnings report-

Well while you see my Pixfuture earnings report, you should always keep in mind that it was not our primary earning source. Pixfuture was only able to show ads when the Valueimpression shows the passback ad code. So I was not able to send many impressions on Pixfuture.

Also, we stop using Pixfuture. This is not because they are bad, this is because I was also using Valueimpression and there was some problem using two ad networks together. I will let discuss it in another blog post.

But still, I earned some money from Pixfuture. So here I am going to show you how much I earned in three months.


Below is the image which is showing the Pixfuture earnings report in February:

Pixfuture February 2020 earning report

From the above picture, you can see that the earnings in February is $355.18 and RPM is $0.34. I know that RPM is very low. This is because most of the traffic coming from India and the RPM of Indian traffic is low comparing to the traffic from the US, Canada, UK and other European countries.


See the income in March with Pixfuture:

Pixfuture March 2020 earning report

As you can see the earning is higher than the month of February. The RPM is also higher than the previous month. It is clear, though the impressions are fewer than the previous month, still, the revenue is higher than the previous for a higher RPM rate. My earning was $388.24 in that month.


And now its time to see the money I make in April from Pixfuture:

Pixfuture April 2020 earning report

As you can see that my earning and impressions decrease than the previous month. This is because of the increase in the Valueimpression fill rate. The fill rate of the Valueimpression becomes higher than Pixfuture. So, for this reason, my Pixfuture revenue decreases by 50%. There is nothing to worried about it as I was able to see the increase in revenue of the Valueimpression ad network.

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Now you may want to know how much traffic I was receiving on my blog. I am going to tell you about the amount of traffic I was receiving at that time.

In February, I received 250k pageviews, In March it was 300k. And in April it was 400k.

Now if you compare my Pixfuture revenue with the pageviews of my site, then you will find that there is no match between them. As I have told you before, Pixfuture is my secondary income and using it in the passback of my primary ad network.

If you calculate the combined earnings of these two ad networks then it would be more than $1500. Even in a month, it becomes $1900. I know, still, it doesn’t look so much. This is because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only my blog, but there are also almost all the other blogs affected more or less with this pandemic.

I am quite sure that if I was using Pixfuture as a primary ad network instead of using it in passback, I could see the earnings just like the Valueimpression ad network.

Well, at this time I am no longer using the Pixfuture because of some problems. I will discuss it on another blog. For now, just keep in mind that Pixfuture is always a great choice for a blog.

I just have to quiet this ad publisher network because I prefer to use only one ad network. Another reason I prefer Valueimpression over Pixfuture is because of Pixfuture increase page loading time. You have to use a separate JavaScript file for each display ad for Pixfuture. It increases the page loading time. But in the case of Valueimpression, there is only one JavaScript file needed in the head tag.

If you want to make money from your blog with Pixfuture, then I always welcome you. It is an amazing network that can bring higher revenue for you. This is because they pay very well.

If most of your blog traffic is coming from North American countries or European countries, then you will able to earn several times more for the higher CPM rate.

I hope you enjoyed this blog article. If you are also using Pixfuture then I would like to know how much you earn from this ad network. If you have any other questions regarding this article, please comment below:

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