PubFuture Review with earnings report

I have already discussed and reviewed some of the ad networks, header bidding ad publishing networks for publishers. Monetizing your blog by displaying ads is the easiest way to make money from a blog. A huge number of bloggers are already monetizing their blog with display ads and many of them are making a good amount of money.

In this blog article, I am again with a review of another great ad publishing network. The network I am going to discuss here is PubFuture.

After I complete the review of the PubFuture ad network I will let you know my earnings review.

What is PubFuture? ( )

If you have never heard of PubFuture, then I want to let you know that this is a header bidding and programmatic ad solution for bloggers and publishers to maximize the ad revenue.

If you are already using and making money from AdSense on your blog or website, then I am happy to let you know that, you will be able to increase your earning after switching your monetization to AdSense.

My Review on PubFuture

I am going to choose some important factors from this ad network and give you my review:


The first thing every bloggers and website owners want to know is how much they can earn from an ad network. In case PubFuture also, you may want to know how much they pay.

Well, I want to let you know that, the earnings depend on many factors, for example, country of the traffic, niche of the blog, number of monthly visitors, etc. These are the most important factors.

Well, I can’t tell you the exact amount of how much you can earn for a specific amount of traffic on your blog. But I can tell you that PubFuture will help you to increase your revenue than AdSense. If you switch to the PubFuture ad network from AdSense, then you can see a significant amount of increase in revenue.

Payout methods

The available payout methods are PayPal, Payoneer, Wire transfer and Bitcoin. Well, I always recommend Payoneer as the commission rate is lower than PayPal. But still, please check the commission rate of both PayPal and Payoneer in your country. Here in my country, India the commission rate of Payoneer is much lower than PayPal.

With PayPal and Payoneer, the minimum payment threshold is $50. But in the case of Bitcoin, the threshold amount is $500. For Wire transfer, the payment threshold is $1000.

Website Requirements

There are certain requirements for your website to get approved by this ad network. These are given below:

  • Your website should have minimum pageviews of 100000/month.
  • Safe content ( No nude content )
  • Adding the ads.txt file in the root. The ads.txt content is given by them.

Ad formats

PubFuture provides a wide range of ad sizes depending on the needs. They recommend contacting your account manager on their network to get recommendations on ad size for better performance.

Below are the supported ad formats and sizes:

  • Display Banner (IAB Standard) with sizes 300×250; 336×280; 300×600; 728×90; 970×90, 970×250 160×600, 320×100 (for Mobile), 320×50 (for Mobile)
  • Native Ad: choose the size in accordance with the number of columns (first) and rows (second). Example: 4×1 (4 columns, 1 row); 3×1 (3 columns, 1 row); 1×2 (1 column, 2 rows)
  • Video: Instream and Outstream Video and supports In-Banner Video with size 300×350, In-content floating with size 496×280, 600×400.
  • Interstitial ads


Earnings report

Now it is time to give you my earnings report. In the given screenshot below you can see my daily earnings report:

pubfuture daily earnings report

And below is the list of my monthly payouts to Payoneer:

As you can see, I have made a quite good amount of money each month from the day I started using the PubFuture ad network.


I hope this review of PubFuture will be helpful to you…

2 responses to “PubFuture Review with earnings report”

  1. naru says:

    hi bro, thank you for giving such a good ad network review. can you please tell me. how much it will take time to approve the site. I applied to my site yesterday and still pending.

  2. Joshuar Saul says:

    I have been working with PubFuture for 3 months. My site was approved so quickly but I also had to wait about 5-7 days to have enough demands to start running ads. It took about 2 weeks to optimize for the best revenue optimization. Now my revenue is pretty stable and good. Highly recommend joining with PubFuture.

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