Newor Media Earning Report and Personal Review

Glad to see you here as I will be sharing my personal earning report and review of Newor Media Ad Network.

Note: This is not a sponsored post.

I am using Newor Media on my computer programming blog for more than 1 month. So I will share the following things in this review.

  • eCPM of NeworMedia for my blog.
  • Ad Units of NeworMedia that I am using.
  • Total Earnings of NeworMedia for the last 30 Days. (This is December while I am writing this blog so due to the holiday the revenue is much lesser but it still good as per my experience)
  • The traffic analytics for which I am getting this revenue.

My earning report screenshot of Newor Media

In some blogs, I have seen that people share the revenue screenshot at the end of the blog. But here you will get it in the first place.

NeworMedia Earning Report

The above earning report is for the last 30 days. (Due to the Christmas holiday and other holidays the eCPM might be lower than usual)

Before explaining the earning revenue I must clear these things:

The traffic analytics of the last 30 days

Lat 30 days traffic that we served NeworMedia

From the above screenshot, you can clearly see the country of regions from where we are getting most of the traffics.

Now move to the next and most important point.

My Personal Experience and Review of using Newor Media on my Blog

I will divide this portion in terms of ease of use, Revenue, Payment modes, and site speed.

Previously we were using only Valueimpression on My blog and the revenue was satisfying for me. After two years I felt that I should try some other ad networks too along with the previous ad network.

Then I came to know about NeworMedia. Then I contacted them. They approved my website within 48 hours of signing up.

They basically communicate through email.

I used NeworMedia only for 24 hours and I discontinued using it. The reason is: I was not able to see real-time updates on NeworMedia Dashboard. After 24 hours it was showing only 0.07$. And I thought it is a scam network. Now I know that was a wrong thought about NeworMedia.

For the first two to three days, they just optimize your site so you must have to keep patience in order to see the results.

About 50 days ago I joined Newor Media again and I am amazed to see the revenue.

I removed two ad units of my previous ad network and replace them with NeworMedia. I was only earning 2-3 $ per day from those ad units but on the same ad units on NeworMedia, I started earning 40-45$ per day.

So from my personal experience of using NeworMedia, I can say for my blog, If I use only NeworMedia then I would earn 130$ per day.

In terms of ease of use:

In terms of ease of use, I will rate NeworMedia 10 out of 10. As we just need to put a single JavaScript file in the header and place ad units code where we want to place our ads.

In terms of site speed:

Here I will rate NeworMedia 8 out of 10. We know if we use Ads on our blog it will slow down the site and this is totally normal. But here, we will see a little site speed drop on desktop view and a big drop in the case of mobile view. So if your site traffic is mostly from mobile then I will recommend you use Valueimpression.

Payment modes

We will get the payout on Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer.

Earing Revenue from Newor Media

From this ad network, we are earning more than our expectations. So I will rate it 9 out of 10.

Since I am using this network for more than 50 days, you can ask anything about this network in the comment section I will help you or connect you with NeworMedia team.

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