Secure Your WordPress Site With WP Security Ninja Plugin

Security is very important for any website. Site owners always take the website security seriously. So it is necessary to take the step which can secure your website.

A huge number of websites are running using WordPress CMS application. It is also necessary to keep your WordPress site secure so that your site be safe from being hacked. You should take security of your WordPress site seriously.

Some of the site owners think that no one will be able to hack their WordPress site until the worst happens, and then, it’s too late. Anybody can get hacked. So never think that and make your website secure before it too late.

To know the security status of your WordPress site you can use this online security scanner – Free WordPress Security Online Scanner – WP Loop. It will scan your WordPress site to check the security status and you will able to see the status.

In this blog post I am going to tell you about a security plugin that you can use for your WordPress site to make your site secure. I am going to tell you about Security Ninja WordPress plugin which is built for making your WordPress site secure.

WordPress Security Ninja plugin

WordPress Security Ninja plugin is a WordPress plugin that can be use for making a WordPress site secure and also to protect from hacking. You can lose a lots of money if your running WordPress site hacked by hacker. For this reason it is always better to take necessary steps to make your WordPress site secure before it become too late.

WordPress Security Ninja plugin is a nice plugin to make your WP site secure and also keep your site safe from being hacked. This plugin helps thousands to stay safe and prevent downtime due to security issues.

Features of Security Ninja Plugin For WordPress

With many ways WP Security Ninja plugin help you to secure your WordPress site. Now I am going to tell you the features of WP Security Ninja plugin.

Know Everything in Minutes:

It takes only few minute for Security Ninja plugin to perform the scan for your WP site after which you will immediately able to see the color coded results along with links to detailed explanation of the problem and ways to fix it. It will perform 40+ security tests including brute-force attacks.

Comprehensive yet Simple:

Some performed tests are simple, some complex, but the only thing you have to do is click “Scan now” which is very easy. The rest is up to Ninja. Simplicity and ease of use are one of the primary goals of this plugin from the start.

Get even more protection from Security Ninja PRO modules:

There are some premium modules available for Security Ninja plugin which can extend the feature to make your WP site more secure and protected. Here are the modules:

Core Scanner Module:

Using this module you can easily monitor the state of the core files of WordPress. Have a clear view of files that are modified but shouldn’t be and can restore them with a single click.

Malware Scanner Module:

Powerful heuristic malware scanning algorithm of this module will check all your themes, plugins, uploaded files and options table for suspicious content that can harm your site. Thus you can avoid harmful plugins and contents from your WordPress site.

Schedule Scanner Module:

Security Ninja plugin can do automatic, periodic scans of your sites, including scans of core files of your WordPress site. If there are any changes you’ll be notified via email.

Events Logger Module:

With this module you will able to monitor, track and log more than 50 events on your WP site in great detail. From user actions, to post edits and widget changes – Events Logger sees everything you need.

Security Ninja has been around for more than three years and has already protected thousands of WordPress sites. All those people also had access to premium support of the plugin that is giving them an additional peace of mind. May be you also like to go through this plugin.
Visit the Security Ninja plugin’s website to know more about this plugin. You will find some FAQ on their website. This plugin is recommended if you want hacker free security for your WordPress site. This plugin will do this job nicely.

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