Domain Authority Checker WordPress plugin for SEO blog

Domain Authority Checker WordPress plugin

Are you running an SEO niche blog? Do you want to engage your visitors with a great SEO tool? If yes, then you are in the right place.

In this article, I am going to introduce you to a great WordPress plugin that will help you to engage and get regular users by adding a simple but useful tool. This is Domain Authority Checker WordPress plugin which will add a simple Domain Authority and Page Authority checker tool on your WordPress site.


How does this DA checker WordPress plugin work?

This plugin uses the official MOZ API to retrieve DA and PA of an URL. The first 25000 API request is completely free from MOZ.

Off course, you have to get the MOZ API key to use this plugin. You can easily get it from official Moz website.


Features of Domain Authority Checker WordPress plugin

Below is the list of the features of this plugin:

  • Check Domain Authority and Page Authority of given website or URL.
  • Check the DA and PA for up to 5 websites or URL at once. User has to put websites or URL one per line.
  • Easy to install, activate and configure. Just need to provide your Moz API key from plugin options page and it will start working instantly. You just put the shortcode in post or page to make it work.


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How to use?

To use this plugin, you need the Moz Access ID and Secret key. You have to put these key in plugin’s option page. You can get the API key from official Moz website.

After that, all you need is just to put the shortcode in post or page. The shortcode is given below:

[da_pa_checker access_id=”YOUR_MOZ_ACCESS_ID” secret_key=”YOUR_MOZ_SECRET_KEY”]

Just replace the “YOUR_MOZ_ACCESS_ID” with your own Moz access ID and “YOUR_MOZ_SECRET_KEY” to your own Moz secret key.


How DA and PA checker WP plugin can improve your SEO niche blog?

If your blog is in the SEO niche, then you may know about the Domain Authority, which is one of the most important ranking factors of a website or blog. Page Authority is another ranking factor of a web page.

Bloggers often check the Domain Authority of their website. If your website provides the tool to let site owners check the DA of their website, then you may get regular visitors to your site. This is because bloggers and site owners check the DA and PA of their site on a regular basis.

Also, as the tool will be very helpful for a lot of bloggers and site owners, so off course it will be a great help for them. Thus, you will get respect and positive impression for your site. They will appreciate your site.

Another thing is that, if you are running an SEO blog, then the Domain Authority Checker WordPress plugin will suit your site perfectly. This tool will be also part of the niche of your blog. This is because the tool also related to SEO. SEO experts are always eager about the Domain Authority and Page Authority of a site or blog.

Now, what are you thinking about this plugin? Do you need it? You can get it now from the official page of this plugin.

Also, would like to let you know that there is a PHP script available which do the same task. But the main advantage of this PHP script is that it uses AJAX and works faster than the WordPress plugin. Check out the Domain Authority checker PHP script.

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