Should You Buy Backlinks For Your Blog?

Should You Buy Backlinks For Your Blog

Backlinks help a blog site to get a good SEO rankings on search engines. Generally the more links you have from other websites to your own site, the better your search engine ranking will be. Some bloggers think that it is good and a quick way to improve SEO rankings if they buy backlinks for their blog. Is it true? Really will their blog get a good SEO rankings if they buy backlinks for their blog site? I am now going to explain in this post if you should buy backlinks or not.

Google clearly announces that buying backlinks can negatively impact a site’s ranking in search results. Buying backlinks to improve the rankings of your blog site breaches the guidelines of Google. It just like that google count links as votes and paying for votes is unethical. this is the same thing a politician paying for votes.

So, should you buy backlinks?

If you ask me about buying backlinks for your blog then my answer will be always No. Any website found to be engaging in the practice of buying backlinks is liable to be penalized by Google. though there are some websites that have bought backlinks and it help them to increase SEO rank without penalised by Google and they continue it for years. Lots of businesses also buying backlinks and they are continuing doing that for years without being penalized. The reason is because it is not easy for Google to differentiate between backlinks that have been paid for and natural backlinks.

But I want to say what will you do if your blog be penalized by Google? This is a common thing for penalized sites to lose rankings for all keywords for 6 months or more. Even many penalized sites never fully recover their rankings.

There are many online sellers available who sells plenty of backlinks for cheap price. Buying these types of backlinks are so dangerous and your site easily can be penalized by Google search engines. Some times it will give you temporary benefit but after time goes, you can find decreasing your site’s ranking. Whatever, temporary gain you might get from buying backlinks really are not worth the risk, even if you perceive it to be a low one. These types of backlinks has the high risk. Whatever, I always against buying any kind of backlinks for your blog site.

Now you should stop thinking of buying backlinks for your blog if you think before. What you should do is investing time and money for great content for your website or blog that real peoples would like to read and also they would like to link it on their websites or blogs. Thus you will get genuine and legal back links which will must improve your blog’s SEO ranking.

So I think you have got your answer after reading this post. You can comment on this post. Below is the comment box.

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