4 Major Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail To Earn Money

Why Bloggers Fail

Internet is now full of blogging sites and the number of blog websites is increasing day by day. Many of them start a blog with an aim to earn money with their blogging websites. But very few of them can earn money successfully and most of them fail to do it.

There are several reasons for the failure of a blog. In this article, I am going to explain 4 major reasons for this failure. This post may help you if you are also a new blogger or thinking to start a new blog for earning money.

Reasons why most bloggers fail

Now below are the 4 most common reasons why bloggers fail…

#1. Lack of having passion

It is not possible to start earning money immediately just after starting a new blog. It needs time and passion. Many bloggers who are earning a good amount of money from their blog had to wait 1 – 2 years. But many new bloggers can’t wait for this long time and they just give up. It is very important for a blog to wait for this time to start getting traffic. So new bloggers never lose your passion and wait to get the result of your passion and labor.

#2. Thinking of multi niche blog

Many new bloggers think that it will be better to write a blog on multi-niche or multi topic instead of writing only on one niche.

They think multi niche blog can drive more traffic. But the truth is that search engines always prefer to show the result from a single niche blog and thus a blog with only one niche will get more search traffic than multi-niche blog and everyone know that traffic = money. So if you are thinking to start a multi-niche blog then think about it again.

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#3. Lack of knowledge in SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is so important for a blog website market. A huge number of new bloggers use WordPress CMS as a blogging platform and this is not SEO friendly in default.

Many bloggers does not have SEO knowledge and they starting blogging immediately instead of thinking about SEO after installing WordPress. Without setting up SEO it is almost impossible to become successful in blogging.

SEO optimization is must-have for any blog site and all the top blog websites has optimized for WordPress. There are some SEO plugins available for WordPress.

Also the default blog post permalink URL is not SEO friendly in default after installing WordPress. So you need to choose SEO friendly permalink from permalink settings. To know how to make the permalink SEO friendly please read this blog post – SEO Friendly URL – The Right Permalink Structure.

#4. Not writing regular content

Many bloggers do not write regularly or do not write new posts in a regular manner. Well, search engines always love those blog sites which updates regularly and have new content in a regular manner. So if you want to be a success in blogging then you must have to write blog posts regularly. I always recommend writing a minimum of at least 2 quality blog posts per week.

So you have got the major reasons behind the failure of new bloggers. Now if you thinking to start your blog never do the mistakes. And also never fear to continue your blog. just wait and one day you will get success.


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  1. charan says:

    Agreed with the points, Most of the bloggers start a blog with any proper knowledge on how blog works and what kind of traffic is required to make money.
    Passions, knowledge and main thing is patience is very important to success in blogging.

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