Should You Buy Domain Privacy Protection For Your Site Domain?

Domain Privacy Protection or WHOIS privacy protection is an add on service that is provided by all domain name providers and they provide this service for those domains that are registered there. GoDaddy, Namecheap and all other domain name providers are providing this service buy taking a extra cost. In this article I am going to tell you the importance of this extra service and if you should use this for your website domain or not.

Should you use Domain Privacy Protection Service for your website domain?

Before you buy  domain name from a domain name provider for your new website you need to provide your contact details like email and phone number and address details to the domain name provider. These details are not hidden by default. All of these personal details are stored in WHOIS database. Anyone on the web can enter your domain and then they will be able to see your personal details like address and contact information that you provided to the domain name provider.

Now the question is come, is that right to display these personal details? Anyone can type your domain inside the WHOIS box and can find your contact details and address easily from WHOIS sites. Obviously like many others you also may not like to show your home address and contact number. So how you can hide it from those sites that providing WHOIS details?

Don’t worry. There is a solution available which can solve this problem. All of those domain name providers are providing WHOIS privacy protection or Domain Privacy Protection for domains that are registered on those providers. This service help domain owners to hide their contact details and address. You just need to pay a little extra amount of money to add this privacy protection on your domain.

This means if you don’t want to display your contact details and address on web then you should buy domain name privacy protection service for your domain. You will able to hide your personal details from WHOIS websites using this amazing service.

Showing your personal details openly on WHOIS websites may harm you and create problems for you in several ways. As it display email and phone numbers so you can affected by spam mail and SMS. So buying this service will obviously protect you from spam and also reduce identity theft.

Your personal details may be used to try for hack or hijack your website by hackers who are involving in unethical works on web. It also may be used to harm you or your website with any other ways.


After reading this post I hope you have understand the importance of domain privacy protection and why you should buy this service for your domain name. For paying only a little amount of extra money you will get this service which will protect you and your site in many ways.


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