How to create featured images for your blog posts?

Images plays an important role for a blog site. Every blog posts of a blog should have a stunning and awesome featured image which make your blog site looks like a professional blogging platform.

When visitors access to a blog site, the first thing that attract their attention is the image of that blog post. So obviously you should have great featured images for each blog posts which will encourage users to read your post. The post content of your blog should be reflect on image.

Images of a blog site helps in many ways. For example:

  • Blog images increase click through rate
  • Images of blog sites help to increase conversions
  • Images increase social engagement of blog
  • Images gives your blog professional looks
  • Images attract the visitors mind first

According to the science, human brain processes visuals 60000 times faster than text. Our brain built in such a way that it also takes in nearly 90% of all information through visuals. That means if you want to increase readers for your blog then you should use images properly on your blog site. To do it you need image editor and graphic designing tool.

There are several tools available which you can use to create featured image for your blog post. Here in this post I am going to tell you about some of the great photo editor tools which you can use to build images for your blog posts.


Canva is a nice online tool that you can use to build great images and graphic for you blog posts. This is a free online tool with premium upgrade available and this tool use hugely for creating social media images. Canva is a great choice for creating professional featured images for blog posts. Once I also used Canva for creating feature images of my blog posts. It was a nice experience, You can also try it.


I am currently using this online tool to create info-graphic images for my blog posts. You can take your visual communication to the next level without hiring a graphic designer. You will be able to create your own featured image for your blog post. There are lots of ready made template available on Piktochart which you can use to create you own image. This tool is very easy to use without having professional knowledge in designing and graphics. If you don’t want to be too creative then it is a great choice for you.


PicMonkey is a great designing tool for bloggers to create images for their blog posts. It provide a lots of freedom in creating images. Both free and paid plans is available. This tool is perfect for bloggers who have a little knowledge in designing with a creative mind. Access amazing filters and fonts, exclusive overlays and frames, and extra-beautifying touch up tools when you sign up for Royale premium membership of PikMonkey.


Images created from PlaceIt truly looks like a image created by a professional graphic designer. Within less than a minute, you can drag and drop a picture and can prepare your image within a minute. PlaceIt makes it really easier to build professional graphic images.


Here I have listed four photo editor tools that you can use to create your image and graphics for your blog posts. There are many more tools available. But these are the tools that I really like so much and also so popular. These image editor tools are also used by a lots of bloggers. Personally I am using Piktochart. Also let me know if you are using any other image editor tool and share your experience with it. I am always ready to listen from you.

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