Good and Bad effects of targeting specific country for Website

In my previous blog article I told you how you can target your blog or website for a specific country. Well that article is applicable both for a blogging website and for any other types of website. now I am going to tell you will it really worth to you if you target a particular country for your blog? Is there any bad effects of targeting country for your blog?

I am going to tell you about both positive and negative effects of targeting country for your blog. Yes, if you target country without being sure then it can negatively impact on your site and the result will be really so bad. In this post I will discuss about both good and bad effects of targeting your site or blog.

target a country for site is good or bad it depends on your site and business related to your site. So you need to know when it is good if you are targeting country for your site and in which situation it is bad to target a particular country for your site.

Good effects of targeting your website to a specific country

So what are the benefits of targeting a specific country for your blog or website? Well it depends as I have just tell you.

If you geographically target your website or blog for a specific country then Google give your site more priority for search query for that country and the chances of appearing your site on the search pages from that country will increase. Your site will rank higher for that specific country which you choose for targeting. This will results in getting more organic search traffic from that country.

Suppose you have selected target country as India. Then your website content will appear more rapidly on Indian search pages of Google and you will receive more search traffic from India. Thus your site will rank higher in India.

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Now here is an example:  Suppose you have an online eCommerce website or a service selling website and you only sell products or services in your own country. So in this case it will be really good to target that country for your site. You don’t need traffic from any other country. Traffic from any other country will not help you to make profit from your site. So it is better to choose and target a particular country where you provide your services or selling your products. As targeting country will increase the search presence for that particular country so you will make more profit.

Bad or negative effects of targeting a website to a particular country

Though your website or blog will rank higher for a specific country, but there is a high chance your website ‘s ranking may fall down in other country. So you can lose traffic from all other country. So you should not play with geographically targeting country. If you target your website for a particular country without thinking anything about it then you may lose your business in other countries. So before targeting a country I always suggest you to think about it in deep and take the decision after you become sure.

I strongly recommend you to target country for your blog or website only and only if your website’s target customers really reside in a particular country and you can only make profit for the peoples from that country. Otherwise you should not target country for your site. Even I am also not targeting any country for my blog EyeSwift. You can see most of the content of my blog can be useful for any peoples from any country. So I should not target a specific country.

Don’t play with geographical target country of your Google Webmaster Tool. Don’t do anything with you unnecessarily. If your site negatively effects for playing with this then it can take several month to recover your site.

I hope you have got your answer from this article and if you really thought about it before you read this article then you should think again. Okay, best of luck.

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