Should You Host Images On Your Site/Blog With 3rd Party?

There are many website or blog owners host images of their websites with third party. The reason behind using 3rd party providers for hosting images is to reduce the load and for saving the memory space of their website or blog.

Sometimes it found that the site owners has very limited memory space for their websites or blog. In this situation they have to host images of their website from 3rd party providers.

In this blog post I am going to tell you if should host images of your site with third party providers or not.

Should you host images of your blog from third party?

If you ask me about hosting images of a blog or website with 3rd party providers then I will never suggest you to do it. I always suggest you to host images of your blog site on your own server or site. I am also going to tell you the reason behind it.

Why You Should NOT Host Images On Third Party Sites?

If you are hosting images of your website from another third party site or if you ever think to do that, then it is a bad idea. It will make the future of your blog or website in risk. Some of the most.

Did you ever think if the 3rd party site decides to shut down then what will happen? Or what will happen if they delete your account or image(s) for any arbitrary reason? What will you do in this situation?

If you are hosting images of your blog or site on your own hosting server or platform, you are safe from the above risks. More importantly, you own the images, and you get to reap the SEO benefits of having images. Yes, images also have some SEO benefits if you properly configured it. Read these blogs –

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So there are a lots of benefits if you are hosting images of your blog on your own website or blog. Also the number of https request will decrease which is also good for SEO and the traffic juice will not enjoyed by any third party sites.

I think now you have understand that you should not host images of your website or blog from any other third party sites or provider. And you are also now aware of the reason behind it. I think this post is mostly helpful for those who are just going to start their blog.

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