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Shared web hosting is the most popular of all types of hosting because it is cheaper than VPS and Dedicated servers. There are lots of shared hosting provider from where you can host your new WordPress blog. But choosing the right one for you is not so easy. Though there are a huge amount of shared hosting provider let you start a WordPress site on shared hosting, but very few of them provide truly good quality of hosting for a WordPress site.

What should be in measurement for a good shared hosting provider for a WordPress blog?

A good shared hosting provider for WordPress blog should have some nice features like:

  1. Loading Speed and reliability: Always choose a shared hosting which can give faster speed and faster server response time for your WordPress blog site. Reliability, performance, and speed are very important for a WordPress blog and google also count website speed as a ranking algorithm.
  2. Uptime: Choose a hosting which has great uptime for websites and almost 0% downtime. Uptime means the time during which a server is in operation. Nothing is more important than having a 24×7 operating web host
  3. Upgrading option: Ask if you can upgrade your hosting plan before buying it.
  4. Price: Check if the price is reliable depending on your requirements.
  5. Support: Your hosting should always be available for support to solve your problem.
  6. Security: Choose a hosting which provides you more security.
  7. Web space and bandwidth: Before choosing a shared web hosting for your WordPress blog you should check the web space and bandwidth if it is perfect for you.

These are the major factors to choose a good shared hosting for WordPress. Now let’s see some recommended shared hosting provider for your WordPress blog:


Dreamhost is currently the best shared hosting for host a WordPress site according to my opinion. It also recommended by officially. It also provides managed WordPress. Dreamhost shared hosting provide really great uptime and speed.

Siteground managed WordPress hosting:

Siteground is also a nice shared hosting provider for your WordPress blog with good speed and uptime. It is also recommended by official for WordPress site.


Bluehost is another recommended shared hosting provider for WordPress blog by official It is a trusted hosting provider for long days from 1996.


With just 1 click WordPress installation feature, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and 24/7 customer support, it is really a good choice for WordPress blog site if you want your site on shared hosting.

InMotion Hosting:

InMotion Hosting is in the market from 2001 and still is one of the best shared hosting providers. It is a good choice if you choose InMotion hosting for your WordPress blog. InMotion hosting is one of the best shared hosting providers with great uptime and also with a great shared hosting speed.


So which one should you choose for your WordPress site:

All the above shared hosting providers I have already discussed are good for starting a WordPress blogging site. But in the last of this article, I want to say that according to me SitegroundDreamhost, and InMotion Hosting are best as shared WordPress hosting provider. That doesn’t  mean you should not choose other hosting providers. All the above hosting providers are good for their uptime, performance and loading speed as a shared web hosting.


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