Where To Migrate Your WordPress Blog After Getting Desirable Traffic?

Migrate Your WordPress Blog

Most of the blog that is built with WordPress start their journey from shared hosting. If all the things goes well, then the blog starts to get some traffic and a situation come when the amount of traffic can not handle by the cheap shared hosting. Then you need to move your blog somewhere other than a shared hosting. I am now going to tell you where to move your WordPress blog after getting desirable traffic.

When a WordPress blog starts to get more traffic then it need more RAM or physical memory and other resources.

Where To Migrate Your WordPress Blog After Getting Desirable Traffic?

So where to migrate your WordPress blog if it starts to get higher amount of traffic? Here some of the hosting that you can use if your WordPress blog starts to get more traffic:

Buy VPS plan for your WordPress blog

You can buy a VPS or Virtual Private Server and move your current WordPress blog to there. Well VPS can take the load of comparably high amount of traffic than that of the shared hosting. VPS hosting also share one server with others like in that case of shared hosting but there are not as many customers allocated to the server like you can find in shared hosting. You are still sharing resources and space but everybody go large amount of resources.

It is good to migrate your WordPress blog to VPS hosting plan. If your you get more traffic, you can then buy more resources on your VPS plan. One of the good VPS hosting is KnownHost managed VPS to move a WordPress blog when your traffic starts to increase.

Get a Cloud hosting plan and migrate your WordPress blog

In cloud type of hosting you are using cluster of servers rather than using just one. This will make it possible to increase the chances of making your site always online. because if one of the server have problem, all the other servers will make your site online. Google cloud hosting, DigitalOcean, AWS Amazon Cloud are some great type of cloud hosting. if you migrate your WordPress blog to a cloud hosting then you don’t have to worry even if you get very high amount of traffic. You can buy more resources when you need in this type of hosting.

Migrate your WordPress blog to Dedicated servers

This is the most costly type of hosting and you should use it only when the traffic amount is really so high. but for a WordPress blog, I recommend you not to use dedicated servers. It need more technical skills and need time to configure and setup. It is better to give your time into and concentration into blogging instead of wasting lots of time to setup and configure a dedicated server.

Migrate to Managed WordPress hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is completely focused to host only WordPress site. This is the most favorable type of hosting for running a WordPress site with high traffic as all the technical resources are already for speeding up a WordPress site. Well this type of WordPress hosting are already build on the general types of hosting like shared hosting, VPS hosting or cloud hosting. But it is already configured for a WordPress site.

All the managed WordPress hosting which can handle incredibly high amount of traffic are built either upon VPS hosting or upon cloud hosting. EyeSwift is hosted on Flywheel managed WordPress hosting at the time of writing this blog post and the infrastructure built with that cloud based hosting which. I recommend you to choose the managed WordPress hosting if it is built upon cloud hosting or VPS hosting.


At the end you have many options to choose where you can migrate your WordPress blog. Well, at the time of migrating my WordPress blog to Flywheel , the expert team of Flywheel took all the responsibility for migrating my blog.

If your WordPress blog is on shared hosting and starts to getting more traffic then I recommend you to move or migrate your blog to managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting is easy to setup, managing your site and can handle high amount of traffic.

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