How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your Blog On Alexa?


Most of the bloggers think about increasing traffic on their blog. I know that traffic is so important for a blog site. But most of the bloggers forget some other important things that a blog need. User engagement and user behavior ignored by most of the bloggers. But these are also so important factor that should be considered.

We all know that Alexa is a website rank provider and most of the bloggers always think how to improve their blog site’s Alexa rank. But very few of them care for an important factor on Alexa which is called bounce rate. This is always to decrease bounce rate for your blog.

In this post I am going to tell you how to reduce bounce rate for your blog site. But first it is better to know how website bounce rate measure. Please read this post to know about the website bounce rate and how it measure – What Is Bounce Rate In Alexa For A Site Or Blog?

In short, website bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that visit your website or blog and then leave your site without visit any other pages or post of your site. So lower the bounce rate means better value of your blog. You should always try to decrease the bounce rate of your blog. But how can you decrease bounce rate of your blog? Before I discuss it I am going to tell you the reason for bad bounce rate of a blog.

Some reasons for bad bounce rate of a blog

Here are some major reasons for a blog that have bad bounce rate

  1. If your blog contains too many ads then most of peoples don’t like to visit any other pages of your blog. Too many ads always irritate the visitors of a blog site.
  2. The internal links of your blog post are not so interesting.
  3. Peoples leave your blog if they find your blog is not interesting.
  4. Your Post title is misleading.
  5. Your blog site is very slow and take so much time to load.
  6. Annoying pop-ups.
  7. Your blog post has long and poorly constructed sentences.
  8. Unprofessional or ugly theme of your blog

How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your Blog On Alexa?

You have already know that lower the bounce rate of your blog means more successful and more valuable of your blog. Also you have got some idea from the above what you can do to reduce the bounce rate of your blog on Alexa. Here are what you can do:

Adding interesting internal links of posts:

You can add interesting posts links from your blog which are related to that post. Thus the chance of visiting another post of your blog increases and user will not leave your site without visiting other pages.

Avoid too many ads from your blog:

Too many ads annoying and devalue a blog to visitors and sometimes they leave your blog without doing anything. So to get a good bounce rate of your blog always avoid using displaying too many ads on your blog.

Make your blog interesting:

Make your blog interesting to peoples and also make the internal post links related to the post interesting.

Make your blog site faster:

Choose a good hosting where your blog will load faster and take less time to load the pages of your blog. EyeSwift is hosted on Flywheel managed WordPress hosting which is providing me blazing fast speed at the time of writing this post.

Stop displaying unnecessary pop-ups:

Unnecessary pop-ups make visitors annoying and they may leave your site. So it is better to stop using unnecessary pop-ups.

Use a professional theme:

Use a professional and clean blog theme so that peoples really love your blog and spent time.

Avoid long and poorly constructed sentences:

Long and poorly constructed sentence will irritate your readers and they just leave your site if they find long and poorly constructed sentence on the blog post.


These are some effective way to improve the bounce rate of your blog. You can decrease the bounce rate by using these formula I have listed in this post.



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