Why should you not use the PopAds ad network to monetize your blog

PopAds is a popular pop-under ad network established in 2010 and still lots of sites are using it. It displays ad to the users with new pop-under window. Lots of sites already have earned a good amount of money. PopAds generally pay per impression or CPM type ad network.

When a new pop-under window opens that contains with PopAds ad, it will then count as an impression. The pop-under window opens when a visitor clicks anywhere on the web page. So it is really easy to earn from this ad network. This ad network also has a good CPM rate. For North American countries, UK and some of the few western countries, it even pays with $4 or more CPM rate.

So should you also go with PopAds for your blogging site?

Well, it is true that lots of sites already have earned a good income lots of sites continue their earning with PopAds, but still, I never suggest you using the PopAds ad network for your blog.

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Now you may think that why I am discouraging from using the PopAds network for your blog though it makes easy in making money and having good CPM rate.

Yes, still I will say not to use PopAds ad network on your blog. Now I am going to tell you the reasons why you should not use the PopAds ad network on your site or blog.

Why should you not use PopAds to monetize your blog?

There are several reasons there for which you should not use PopAds to monetize your blog. Here I am going to tell you about the most important reasons:

Bad user experience

Clicking anywhere on the page of a site will open a pop-under window contains with PopAds advertiser’s ad often irritate users. If you are using PopAds on your blog, then the visitors will have a bad experience. Just place yourself to the audience of your site and think how you feel if the pop-under window open when you click a useful link.

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We all have the experience on some kind of music or downloads website. New pop-up window open unexpectedly when we want to download something. Forcing opening an ad is always annoying to any user.

Increase the bounce rate

An increase in the bounce rate of your site may be the reason for losing the rank on the search engine for your site. Bounce rate means the percentage of users who left your site after visiting only one page.

It may be very clear that pop-under ad may be the reason for a user for leaving your site. Sometimes the user becomes angry and suddenly click the close icon on the browser tab and just leave the site for the irritating pop-under ad. Thus the bounce rate of your site will also be increased which will effect on your overall ranking of the site and you lose your SEO rank.

Losing of traffic

Many bloggers and site owners already have found the decrease in their traffic after they started using PopAds ad network on their websites. It is very clear why the traffic starts to decreases for the PopAds ad. I already discussed pop-under ads effect on search ranking of a site and also visitors may leave the site for the annoying ad.

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The overall result of all these is losing in traffic. We all know that traffic is very important for a site to make revenue. So though, PopAds CPM rate is good, the loss in traffic will cause the decrease in revenue.

Google is more strict again pop-under ads

Google become more strict against sites contains pop-under ads because of it annoying to users. We all know that Google is the most popular search engines. Well, I don’t need to tell you what happened if your site loses the trust from Google. Almost most of the traffic of blogs all around the world are coming from Google. So you never should do anything that Google doesn’t like. Soon Google is going to take more steps against sites that contain annoying ads.

I hope you have realized that why you should not use PopAds ad network for your site. At the end of this article, again I warn you that you should not go with PopAds to monetize your site. Find some other ways like affiliate marketing or ad network like AdSense, media.net to make money from your website.

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