Best 6 AdThrive Alternatives to Make Money from Your Blog

Best AdThrive Alternatives

AdThrive is one of the top programmatic ad networks established in the year 2013 and many of the bloggers really love this. You can earn several times more than AdSense using this amazing ad network for publishers.

There are lots of bloggers around the world making thousands of dollars using this ad network. AdThrive is one of the Google Certified Publishing Partner.

Although, Adthrive is not the only one in their field. There is some more ad publishing network available who can also help you to make good revenue from your blog just like AdThrive. So there are some Adthrive alternatives that exist to choose for bloggers. If it is not possible to choose AdThrive for you then you can try other ad publishing network.

There may be several reasons for a blogger to choose an alternative for AdThrive. For example, if your website or blog doesn’t have the minimum traffic required by AdThrive or if you don’t have majority traffic from the US or it can be any other reason. But I am not here to discuss the reason. So move on…

AdThrive alternatives that generate good revenue

Now I am going to show you the list for which you are waiting. So without wasting any time below are some of the great alternatives to the AdThrive ad network that I have listed:


Minimum sessions required: 50000

If you don’t have minimum traffic requirements for AdThrive than you can give a try for Mediavine. AdThrive needs 100k minimum traffic with a reliable traffic source. But the traffic required is fewer than AdThrive. Mediavine is also a Google certified publishing partner.

If you give a chance to Mediavine, then I am pretty sure that you will like it. They also can give you a good amount of money. The amount is almost like AdThrive.

Mediavine required 25000 sessions per month. But to get this amount of traffic is easier. If you don’t even have this amount of traffic, still you can give some time to reach eventually that amount of traffic. However, for Mediavine also, you need the majority of traffic sources form the US. But don’t worry, follow this list and you will get ad networks from this list where US traffic is not necessary.



Requirement: Making at least 1000$ from existing ad publishing partner

If you want to try a great premium ad publishing partner to generate high revenue from your blog or website, thenĀ MonetizeMore is a great choice for you. I promise, that you will never regret it after you start earning from this ad partner. Even if you are eligible for AdThrive, you can still try this ad publishing partner.



Minimum traffic required: 100k

I am very happy to tell you about the Valueimpression ad network for publishers because I am using it on one of my blogs. This is a Vietnam based ad network. Before Valueimpression, I was using AdSense. After I start using the Valueimpression, I was able to see almost 4 to 5 times an increase in revenue than AdSense which was an amazing thing to me.

I want to inform you that most of the traffic I get from India. The minimum number of traffic a site need is 100k to start earning from this ad network. I just love this ad network as this one suits perfectly with my site.


Newor Media

Newor Media is another amazing ad network that load faster than a lot of other ad networks. I can say that this ad network also pays good revenue and can become a good alternative to AdThrive.

One of my friends, whom I know personally using this ad network and he is so happy with this network as it pays a high amount of money.



Minimum traffic recommended: 10000

Ezoic is another Google certified network for publishers that can optimize your AdSense and Ad Exchanger revenue into the next level. With this Ad optimizing service, many bloggers able to earn 3 to 4 times more money from their blog.

The good thing about Ezoic is that the recommended traffic by them is only 10000 per month. So bloggers who are not eligible for traffic to go with AdThrive can get a chance on Ezoic ad revenue optimization service.

If you don’t have the majority of US traffic, then you can easily go with Ezoic because Ezoic doesn’t have any requirements for geo-targeting traffic.



Minimum traffic required: 100k

Pixfuture is another great Ad network that I have used for a few months and I had a great experience with them. It is a Canada based ad publisher network. Well, I was using their ad network along with Valueimpression on the same blog. Using both of these Ad networks causing some problems. So I had to left Pixfuture.

Though I left Pixfuture because I had no other choice, they were generating a good amount of revenue for me. Even it looks like if I used Pixfuture instead of Valueimpression, I would earn almost the same amount of money that I earn from Valueimpresion.

The minimum traffic required for Pixfuture is 100k. Well, their ad is Geo-targeting. So you don’t need majority traffic from a specific country. You only need quality traffic that comes from an organic way. That means this ad network can be a good AdThrive alternative for your blog.


So that’s it…

I have complete my list. You can choose one of the ad networks from this list as an alternative to the AdThrive network.

I know there are many other ad networks and ad revenue optimizer networks available and you can find one from those. So please let me know if you recommend any other ad network.

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