WP eMember – WordPress Membership Plugin For Any Content

WP eMember - WordPress Membership Plugin

Did you ever think to protect your content and make it accessible only for paid members only? Did you ever think to allow members to access your WordPress site content who pay a one time or monthly or yearly fee?

Now in this article, I am going to discuss a nice WordPress membership plugin that can exactly do that. The plugin will turn your existing WordPress site or new one into a fully featured membership website.

The plugin is called WordPress eMember or in short WP eMember. With this plugin, you can allow members to access specific content of your WP site. The content can be your posts, pages, articles, tutorials, videos, audios, eBooks, digitally downloadable files.

If someone wants to access the content which is only protected for members, then he/she has to pay a fee to become a member. The fee can be one time or recurring. For one time fee, the member only has to pay for one time. But in recurring fee, members have to pay a few for example pay per month, per 6 months or per year, etc.

One of the great features in this WordPress membership plugin is that you can set different members level.

Download WP eMember membership WordPress plugin


Features of WP eMember WordPress membership plugin

Now it’s time to see the list of some great features of the WP eMember plugin. Below are the given features lists of this plugin:

Protect content for members

With this plugin, you can protect a full article or a section of article content like posts, pages, comments or categories. You can set different levels of memberships for different types of content and post type. This is something like you can select which members can access which type of content.

Create custom membership levels

You can create your custom membership levels like basic, premium, ultimate or with any other type of level name. There is no limit of creating the number of levels. You can create as many as you want.

Protect section of content

You can protect one or multiple sections of a post or page to create a teaser to attract users. Members with the level which has permission to access it can only view the content.

Easy installation and configure

You can easily install and configure this WordPress membership plugin. After activating this plugin, just follow the video tutorials and you will be able to configure it by yourself within minutes.

Fully automated

Membership signup, payments, profile maintenance, account expiry, cancellation, upgrade notification, password reset is fully automated after you configure the WP eMember plugin.

Bulk protect

You can bulk protect posts, pages and categories with WP eMember plugin. The amazing feature of this plugin is that, if you protect a category, then all the posts of that category will be protected for members only.

PayPal and Braintree payments integration

Members have to pay online. So in this plugin, the PayPal and Braintree payment options are integrated.

Add custom registration fields

You can add any custom registration fields with WordPress eMember plugin.

WooCommerce integration

The plugin can be integrated with WooCommerce easily to accept membership payment via WooCommerce.

WordPress Affiliate Software integration

You can boost your profit with the affiliate program. It will be simple as the WP eMember plugin can be integrated with the WP Affiliate Software plugin.

Works with HTTPS

If you are using SSL or want to use SSL on your WordPress site, then you don’t have to worry about because this Membership WordPress plugin can also work with HTTPS or SSL.


And there are much more features available. If you need this plugin then you can download it from here.

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