4 Best Ways To Improve CTR On Google Organic Search

CTR is an important factor on Google search console. Here in this article I am going to explain you some great ways to improve CTR on Google Organic search results for your website.

Google Search Console is a free service from Google that allow you to monitor and maintain the presence of your website in Google search results. In Search Analytics of Search Console you can find Impression, CTR, Clicks and Position of your website with Search Queries.

Now I am going to tell you about CTR or Click Through Rate which you can find on Google Search Console for each search queries. It is very important for a website or blogging site to improve the CTR or Click Through Rate. Here in this blog post I am going to tell you 4 best ways to improve the CTR of your website or blog on Google organic search. But before I tell you the best ways to improve CTR I am going to tell you what is CTR.

What is CTR for a site on Google Search Console?

CTR or Click Through Rate is the measurement of the rate of click comparing to the impression. It is the click count divided by the impression count. CTR generally expressed as percentage and also on Search Console. This value taken from the total clicks divided by the total impression and multiplying the result with 100. So Click-through rate or CTR calculated as Clicks / Impressions * 100.

Thus you will get the idea how much peoples are clicking your website link in search result respect to the total number of appearing your link on search result page for that search query. It is really great help from Google Search Console because you get a chance to improve the title if it is not getting enough click from search page on Google.

4 best ways to improve CTR of your website on Google organic search

Obviously, it is important to increase CTR to get more traffic on your site. Also good CTR of a website can increase ranking of your site on Google search engine. Here are 4 best ways to improve CTR of your website:

1. Make the title tag compelling

Title tag is very important as peoples see the this before clicking link on search engines. Title tag is typically the text that appears as a blue link on search engine results pages for the organic search results just like the picture given below:

Google search result

Google bot and other search engines detect this title tag and make it visible for peoples. Peoples generally click a website link after checking the title. So the title need to be compelling and it should contain strong words which can increase the chances of clicking your website link on Google organic search result. Here are some list of words what can increase CTR of your site:

  • How to
  • Amazing
  • Secret
  • Secret ways
  • Free
  • Tips
  • Blog post (only if it is a blog post, of course!)
  • why
  • best
  • tricks
  • great
  • list related numbers (4 list of…., 7 ways….)

You should keep the title tag within the limit so that Google will not make some words hidden from your title.

2. Use Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets can boost your CTR in a great way. You can see a 30% increasing in CTR with structured markups. Rich Snippets can provide searchers with more detailed information for their search queries. For example a search result listing about a web hosting provider can contain the review star ratings like given below:


Website owners can add HTML markup to a web page that allows search engines to identify specific elements or Structured Data on that page and in some cases search engines display those elements in their search result for a search query. As it attract searchers eye, so their are a great chance of clicking it.

3. Write compelling meta description

On search engines meta description act as the sort description about the content of your web page or blog post. However, keep in mind that sometimes Google doesn’t display the meta description in a SERP snippet, but you should not neglect it anymore.


4. URL Structure

URL is not so important part to increase the CTR, but still you should not ignore it. If you have a blog site then make your permalink structure short and to the point.

Also you can use breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs is a way Google displays the location of page in the site hierarchy instead of the displaying URL. this is very useful for long URLs. Here is a example of Breadcrumbs URL in the below image:

breadcrumbs url

These are the best recommendation that I have explained. But wait, how you know what is the CTR of your site? You need to have Google Search Console. Go to the Google Search Console if you haven’t yet and regularly check the CTR for search queries.

For a blog with a decent traffic you can see the quick increase in CTR after you follow these ways that I have mention. For a new blog you can not see much change. but still it is obviously better to do all the things that i have described in this post. it is always better to do all the things from starting.


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