How Much Hard Work And Time Needed For A Successful Blog

By F.A Mollick

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Blogging is really great way to earn money from home through online. You don’t have to do job under anyone, you will be your own boss and you can write blog anytime you want. Some of the popular blogs are earning more than $20000 per month.

But it is not so easy to earn from blogging. many newbies start a blog in the intention of making money, but most of them fail. They start blog site by thinking that it will be a easy process and it just need to setup WordPress, start writing and then soon they will able to see a lots of money in their account.

But in reality this is not so easy as they think. It really need hard work, passion, time and some knowledge in SEO.

So how much hard work have to do and how much time it can take to be success in blogging?

To get success in blogging you need to get huge traffic and to reach the traffic amount there are a lots of work you need to do which is not so easy as most of newbies think before starting blog. before starting writing blog there are several thinks need to do like setup SEO for the blog, choosing perfect permalink structure, choosing a niche for the blog etc.

Always remember this that the earning from your blog is directly proportional to the amount of traffic that your blog site is receiving. So your main aim should be getting legal traffic.

After the blog is setup for SEO and all the required work has done you can start writing. But this is not also so easy. You have to write in a regular basis for few month. You will only get no traffic in the first few month. It can take about 7 to 8 month to get desirable traffic for your blog. Even it can take years if all the thinks you did not perfect.

Waiting and writing for about 6 month without any earning is really need so much patience. Many bloggers become impatient and give it up within two month. But patience is very important for getting success in blogging. Without patience you can not be success in blogging.

So you have seen that it really need so much time to start getting a desirable traffic in your blog and to earn a lots of money from your blogging site obviously it need to wait years. A blog need to be almost two years older with perfect planning so that it can earn the huge amount money. Without perfect planning it can take more time.


So you have seen that it really need so much hard work and it not so easy as it looks like before starting blog. Or you can say that to get success in blogging is really so hard.

But don’t be afraid. If you think to start making money from blogging then you can obviously do it and you should go with this. it is hard and need time to get success in blog but it is not impossible at all. If you go with the right way and you never stop writing then you must be success in blogging.

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