Adsense Future – Increase In Use Of AdBlock And Other Extensions


In these days you can see that the use of Adblock and other types of adblocker extensions has increased by internet users more than two years ago. Also, we can guess that after 1 or 2 years more than about 80% internet users will use these types of extensions. Well, Adblock and these types of extensions block advertise on web pages. It also blocks Adsense advertise from web pages. Even ad codes provided by other publisher networks other than Adsense also can be blocked by these types of adblocker extensions.

Does it mean the earning from blog websites will decrease day by day and once it will almost stop? Is increasing rate of using Adblock and other types of adblocker extensions for browsers like Chrome, Firefox will be the reason of the dark future for blog site owners?

Most of the blog owner think that monetizing a blog through publisher network is only the way to earn money from their blog site. But don’t worry, there are some alternative ways of earning from a blog site and you can even earn more than Adsense and any other publisher network with that alternative way that I am going to tell you now.

So what is that alternative way? Well, did you ever listen of affiliate marketing? Most of the blogger think that it is hard to earn by joining affiliate marketing than monetizing. Also, they think the chances of buying from the affiliate link is very low.

One thing I want to say you now that if you use affiliate network with a special technique then you can even earn a lots more than the usual monetizing system like AdSense or IinfoLinks.

So what is that technique:

I know that you are eager to know how to earn more than Adsense and other types of publisher networks. If you add affiliate link of products, services or software’s affiliate link that related to your blog’s niche then there will be a high chance that someone may buy it from your affiliate link. I am going to tell you by some example.

Example 1: 

Suppose you have a blog related to technology products like smartphones, iPhones etc. If you have review blog post about a particular product (Or also you can create a new post) then you can put the affiliate link of that phone. So there will be a chance that someone may buy the product as the user who is reading the post may be eager to buy it and that’s why the user is on your site.

Example 2:

Suppose you have a blog and you have lots of review on hosting company on that blog. Most of the hosting company now provide affiliate system. Go and get affiliate link from hosting providers and put the affiliate link inside your post instead of putting the direct link.

I think you have understood what I want to say by reading the above examples. Similarly, you can add affiliate link of a premium software, premium WordPress plugin and themes and more. The chances of buying it using the affiliate link available on your blog will be high as the visitor reading the post is interested in that product and because of this the visitor reading that post on your site.

If you do it with the right way then obviously your earning will be more than Adsense and even Adsense earning will become very less to you after using this technique in right way. I have also put affiliate link from some web hosting provider on my web hosting related post and the premium plugin affiliate link where I have to write about that particular premium plugin.

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