Fiverr Clone Script WordPress Theme – Build a Merketplace

By F.A Mollick

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Today you can find some marketplace websites where seller and buyer meets. Seller sell their services and buyer looks for the required service they need. Buyers can search for services and also can check for seller profile. Fiverr is one of the popular marketplace website where seller can submit their services or “Gig” and buyer can buy it buy making online payment. Then seller do the job within the time.

Did you ever think that you also can build that type of a marketplace site? Yes, you can. And you even don’t need to have any programming knowledge to do it. Yes, it can be done. It is not a plugin. It is a WordPress theme which have all the features of a buyer and seller marketplace site like Fiverr. This is MicrojobEngine by EngineThemes, a nice full featured marketplace WordPress theme.


MicrojobEngine Theme features:

This theme has all the required features of a marketplace theme. Here are some important features of this theme:

  1. The theme connect people in need with professionals to get things done. Make money from your niche community of this marketplace.
  2. Quickly find a reliable seller to get things done.

  3. Easy and simple search feature available in this theme. Search by keyword, filter by categories and tags. With only a single click, buyer can easily find what he wants.
  4. Effective review & rating system

    Buyers easily can read other buyers’ feedback before order, and can see the sellers’ portfolio. It’s now easier for a buyer to choose the most talented and reputable seller. Buyer can add rating and feedback for the seller.
  5. Beautifully-crafted profile page

    Simple and beautiful profile info available. Sellers can control all services they provide in their profile page.
  6. Strong community system between buyers and sellers. Talking to each other will help seller easily understand what the buyer’s requirements.
  7. MicrojobEngine marketplace theme’s interactive and easy to understand dashboard will always allow you to manage all your payments and track your orders. Sellers can easily check their total revenues or can request a withdrawal any time when they have money in their revenue.
  8. Trustful payment system

    All transactions are conducted on MicrojobEngine platform. Whether buyers and sellers use credit, PayPal or other payment methods, you can control everything of the system to ensure the safety and trust for all your users.
  9. Easy order tracking

    With interactive Message Inbox and Dashboard, both buyers and sellers can easily track the status of every order.
  10. Minimal design for easy customization

    MicrojobEngine has a minimal and content-focused design, so that you can easily customize it further for your niche.


And lots of more features are available in this theme. Get MicrojobEngine theme now.



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