Different Ways Of Earning From Your Blog Website

Have you a blog website or just want to start a new one? Do you want to make money from your blog? There are lots of blog site owners who are earning a good amount of money from their blog.  If you want to earn money too from your blog site than here you can find different ways of earning from your blog in this post for you. Let’s see it below:

Monetize by placing ad code:

You can monetize your blog by placing ad code inside of your website. There are some publisher networks from where you can register and get the ad code of different size of ads. Some popular publisher networks are AdSense, InfoLinks, Chitika, AdsOptimal and more available. You will get paid by CPC (Cost Per Clock), CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) and also some publishers has CPA (Cost Per Action) system.

Earn from affiliate marketing:

There are some popular affiliate network like Viglink, Skimlinks, Clickbank where you can register and get affiliate link from them. You will get an affiliate link. You have to put it on your website. When someone buys product or services from the link, you will reward a commission for this. Also, you can apply for an affiliate account on some of the hosting account, premium WordPress plugins, software etc. This is a performance base earning. more sale made from your website means more you will earn.

Direct ad sales:

If your blog website starting to get sufficient traffic than may be any company or individual want to place their banner ad or image on your website and they pay for you. This type of ad called direct ad. Here all the money you can without giving any commission to a third party medium.

Paid reviews:

You can write a paid review blog post for a product, services, software, for a company or for anything. Some popular blog site owners get an email for asking to write a review on their website by some company or provider of that product or services. You can check the product or services and if you think it really good then you can approve it for reviews. Remember, more traffic you got, more money you can take per review post and more emails you will get who are asking for reviews.

Pay for reading content:

You can charge for reading content of your website. You can allow reading the summary of your blog post free of cost and while they go to read full then you can charge a little amount of cost like $0.1.

Create and sell eBooks on your own website:

You can also sell eBooks on your own website. There are some WordPress plugins like Easy Digital Downloads, WP eStore which can be used for selling eBooks and other digital downloadable products on your own hosted WordPress blog.

Provide services:

Think what you can do and in which you are an expert. Write a blog post about it and you maybe get someone who buys your services.


These are most popular ways of making money from your blog website. There may be more ways to earn from your blog. But most of the blog site owners use these methods to earn money from their blog website what you have found in my post.

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