Does AdSense Allow Sticky Ads (Fixed Positioned Ads)

Does AdSense Allow Sticky Ads

Often AdSense ad publishers want to know about sticky ads. But the question comes from many of the bloggers and publishers is that if Google AdSense allows sticky ads or not.

You may also think about sticky ads and want to know if it is allowed or not. So I am here to give you a clear idea about it.

You often may see on many of the websites and blogs that there is a sticky ad on the sidebar or maybe some other appropriate places of the page. After you see those sites using fixed position ads if you are also willing to float down your AdSense ad then please stop it now and keep reading this article.

I strongly recommend you read this article before you make your final decision.

What are sticky ads?

Sticky Ads are those types of ads that will be fixed in a position or you can say it doesn’t change it’s the position when you scroll down your mouse. These types of ads feel like float down the page as a visitor scrolls down.

So, you understand that sticky ads will always be visible even the user scrolls the page. With that way, the ads will always be visible to the user.

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Does Google AdSense allow sticky ads?

So you have already seen many websites using floating typed or sticky ads. After you see the “Ads by Google” text on that Ad you are thinking those ads are coming from AdSense.

Well, I want to say you now, though those ads are driven by Google, those are actually not like the AdSense that you use.

Before I go forward, I want to let you know that AdSense doesn’t allow you to make their ads sticky. You are not permitted to make your AdSense ads sticky by Google. This is the rules and breaking this rule may cause your AdSense account to ban.

Officially AdSense hasn’t informed the reason behind disallowing sticky ads in clear. But according to me and many other bloggers, Google pays per click and the user may click the ad unintentionally. AdSense doesn’t like to pay for the clicks made by mistakes.

But wait…

Then what about those sticky ads that can be found on many of the websites? It marked as “Ads by Google”. So does that ads are not from AdSense?

Ad publishing partners and Ad managers

Well, I want to let you know that, those Ads you see sticky on the sidebar or other places of the web page are actually not from Google. Actually, sticky Ads are not restricted completely. You can make those Ads sticky if you are approved by Ad Manager or Google Ad Exchange.

The easier way is to use one of the Google Ad Publishing partners like Ezoic and Monumetric. These third-party ad managers are partners with Google. There are some more Google ad publishing partners available.

Well, on one of my blogs, I am using Valueimpression which is a publishing partner of Google and many other ad networks. You can read my earning report from Valueimpression.

These ad networks pay for impressions. You can use their ad sticky. In this way, the ad will be visible to more users. Also, their ads refresh with a few intervals of time which increases the impressions. So you will get more impressions for sticky ads which will help you to make even more ad revenue from your blog or website.


I hope, now you have a clear idea on when how to use a sticky ad.

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