How much money do I earn from AdSense for 1000 pageviews per day?

AdSense is the first choice for most of the bloggers to make money online from their blog. I am also using AdSense for my programming blog.

Well this post was firstly published two years ago. Now I am earning from different Ad Network. You can check here: My current sources of earnings from blogging

How much traffic do I need to earn $1000 per month

At the time of writing this post, I am getting about 1000 pageviews per day on my blog. So now I think to share my experience and how much money do I am earning from my programming blog using AdSense.

My AdSense using strategies

Before I am going to tell you about my earnings from AdSense I need to tell you that I always did not go with the same strategies of using AdSense. Though I am getting more than 1000 pageviews each day for about two months, my earning varies depending upon the strategies.

After my blog approved by AdSense, I only put Ads on two places of my page. One is on the sidebar and the other one within the article. I was running my blog with the same ad placement for a few months and even after I reach about 1000 unique pageviews per day.

I placed only two ads as I thought placing more ads will be annoying to my readers. I also want my blog clean to everyone.

After that, I think I should place more AdSense ad on my blog and I think to change my strategies. I realize it when I see most of the popular blogs using AdSense have more than four ads running on their article page.

Before I go further I want to inform you that the programming blog is running by me and my brother together. It was the idea of my brother to change the strategies of using AdSense on our blog.


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With the new strategy, we place two more ads on our blog. So from the day, it is now four ads running on our blog. One is on the sidebar under the old sidebar ad and the other one is at the end of the article, just before the comment section.

After placing these new AdSense ads, the total revenue generated from our blog also increased dramatically. I was able to see my AdSense revenue increase significantly.


How much money do I earn now from AdSense for 1000 pageviews per day?

I know that you are eager to know about the amount of money I earn for 1000 daily pageviews on my programming blog. Now here I am giving you the answer.


My earning with two ads on an article page

When there was only two AdSense ad running on my blog, I was only able to make from $0.5 to $1 per day. I have already told you the reason behind choosing this number of ads. I want my blog annoying free and clean with a good user experience.

My AdSense earning after I increase the number of ads

But after placing those extra two ads that I have just discussed my AdSense earning increased and now, for the same amount of traffic I am able to make $1 to $1.6 each day. Even there are some days when I have earned about $2 in a day. But this is a very rare case. So normally, my earning from AdSense with 1000 unique pageviews daily is between $1 and $1.6.

After placing this extra ad on my blog, at night, I saw $0.39 when I wake up in the morning for that day. but when I had only two ads on my blog, I hardly saw $0.15. Now I realize that I took the right decision.

Even when I check out most of the other blogs, I can see they are also using more than two ads on their blog. Some of them even have more than four ads on a single page. So I think if they can have popularity even after placing more ads, then why I can’t? Why I should stop using more ads?

I know that adding more ads will be annoying and it will decrease the user experience. But at the same time, I had to make relevant money from my blog. But keeping user experience in my mind I have limited the number of ads and choose to place four ads.

I try my best to keep the extra ad on my blog and at the same time keep these ads in a place where it will not annoy users too much.


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Yes, I know that the amount I earn is still too low. But still, it is higher than I was earning before placing the extra two ads. There are lots of other bloggers are getting the same amount of traffic like me and making more money than me for the same amount of traffic. But I am running a programming blog and the niche gives lower RPM and CPC rate with lower CTR.

But I am pretty sure on that writing about programming is my passion and I will be able to get a huge amount of traffic in the future. Thus my earning will also increase significantly.

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