Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas for getting US traffic

Here I will give you some best ideas for starting micro niche blogging website which will drive most of the traffics from the US.

Why am I going to give you ideas to drive traffic from the United States and not from other countries? The reason is simple and you already know that. Because you want to earn the maximum from your blog. As we all know from US traffic we can generate the maximum amount of money from advertisements.

TIPS: Try to write blogs in American English not British English. This can boost your US traffic.

As the reason is clear so let’s dive into the ideas. Explore now.

Why do you need to choose a micro niche blog?

  • Wants to make a lot of money in a short time span.
  • Wants to go where the competition is less.
  • Wants to write less and earn more.

Yes, these are the main reasons as well as the main benefits of starting a micro niche blog.

Micro niche ideas for getting traffic from US and other tier 1 country

Before choosing a micro niche for US traffic you need to think about the people of the US. How they think and what are the interests they are having.

But before starting micro niche blog make sure that you have enough knowledge on blogging, SEO and other stuff.

They are economically stable so you can imagine that they have space to follow their passion and hobby. This tip can help you to find more micro niche ideas on your own that can bring more and more US traffic.

In my list, I am going to give you only a few examples but on the basis of that you can find more. I am giving some ideas but it’s in your hand to convert a niche to micro niche by choosing a specific topic.

  1. Music related micro niche blog:
    Yes, a lot of people from the US are interested in music so you choose a short micro niche on Guitar or piano or anything like that. That can bring more US traffic. (For example, if you try to find bass guitarists you will find a lot of people from tier 1 countries)
  2. Camping tips and campfire tips:
    As I have already told, they have enough money and space to follow their passion and hobby, they love to do camping. So you can write on what to do on camping. Some best places for camping. Best games to play while camping. What to do and what not to do while camping etc. This micro niche can bring the maximum amount of traffic from US.
  3. Travel niche (But short niche):
    People from US love to travel but do you know what is the topmost destination of the US people?
    It is Mexico. So you can start a micro niche website on traveling mexico. Tips and suggestions that’s all.
  4.  Food Micro niche blog for US traffic:
    You can start a micro niche blog on a specific food. Like pancake or anything else that people from the US love to eat. You can write homemade recipe or health tips for that particular food.
  5. Review Micro Niche blog:
    You can start a micro niche blog on reviewing anything specific from the US. Like reviewing Restaurants of US or Reviewing places or a particular place to travel in the US.
  6. Fishing:
    They love fishing so you can start a micro niche blog on fishing techniques and related things.
  7. Gardening:
    It is one of the most popular hobbies of the American people. So you can start micro niche blog on this.
  8. Benefits of reading novels:
    This will be a micro niche for you if you want to write a few articles and just wait for traffics.

Let me know in the comment section below if you have more on your mind.

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