Best Ad Networks for Indian Traffics – Earn more than AdSense

This article is going to guide you to choose the best ad networks for your website if you are having a major amount of traffics from India.

I am not going to write anything that you probably already know. Here are a few points to remember:

  • The CPM rate for Indian traffics is lower than the United States and countries of Europe. (I will explain it in my next blog)
  • The more organic traffic you will get the CPM rate and fill rate will also increase. The less traffic you are having the less fill rate you will get as well as CPM.

I am going to arrange the Ad networks based on the amount of traffics you are getting.

So what is meant to be high traffic? and what is meant to be low traffic? It is comparative. But for this article, I will assume the below structure.

  1. Heavy traffic: More than 1 Million traffic monthly.
  2. Medium traffic: In between 25k to 999k traffic monthly
  3. Low traffic: 1k to 25k traffic monthly. (Don’t worry if you are having low traffic, based on the niche of your website traffic may vary sometimes)

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Best Ad Networks for Low Indian Traffics (1k to 25k per month)

If you are having low traffic and still you want to earn some bucks or money from your website or blog, then you can use these. ( I will mention the traffic requirements )

If your traffic is less than 10000 per month

Then you can use, AdSense, Meridian Sovrn. As there is no traffic requirement.

But I would suggest you go for AdSense first as it will pay you the highest in most of the cases. If your AdSense account is blocked check this: Best 4 Alternatives to Earn More than AdSense is good but for Indian traffics it will pay less than AdSense but there is no traffic requirement.

Merdian Sovrn is a great platform and it will not ask for traffic requirements but the problem is that: fill rate will very less. That means most of the time there will be no ad for low traffic websites. So you may avoid this one if your traffic is too low. But you can give it a try if you wish.

If you are having traffic in between 10k to 25k per month – Best ad networks

There are a lot of people who think that they should stick to AdSense because it generates a better amount of revenue than other ad networks. But the fact is that it is completely false. When your traffic exceeds 10k/month. it’s time to move on to some superior ad networks.

You can use Ezoic.

You may think that why they will pay you higher?

The reason is that it works on Header bidding. So in every ad space on your website, they will collect the data of impressions and other things and on the basis of that, there will be bidding for placing an ad on that place. I am not going to go deeper into this topic as this article is only about listing the best ad networks for Indian traffics.

They can give you 4 times more than AdSense.

Best Ad Networks for medium traffic – 25k to 1 million traffic per month

Kindly note that if you use any of the below ad networks, you should wait for at least 15 Days so that they optimize ad on your website to give you the maximum revenue. Because it takes time to optimize.

If you are having more than 25k traffic on your website that means you have passed the first phase of your blogging journey. Now you are getting a good amount of traffic which can generate a good amount of money.

So I am assuming that most of the traffic are from India.

In this range of traffic here are some ad networks which you can try

Now get to the traffic requirements. As I have already told that for Ezoic you don’t have to worry about the traffic requirement anymore as 10k traffic is enough.

For Pixfuture, the traffic requirement sometimes depends on your traffic quality. So it may vary. If you are having more than 50k traffic per month you can apply and if they approve you can use.

In one of my blogs, I have used Pixfuture, and the performance is really good. Though I have used their ad network along with Valueimpression. You may check: My earnings report from my blog using Pixfuture

The payment mode is NET-30. That means whatever you will earn in one month you will get the payout after waiting for the next 30 days.

You may expect up to 5 times more than ad sense from this network.

If you are getting more than 100k traffic per month – ad network

In this scenario, the best choice for you will be Valueimpression.

Why? Because the answer is they can provide you the maximum revenue. But this is not the only reason to use their ad network.

  • Valueimpression makes the faster payment.
  • They will guide you in placing the ads.
  • They provide passback service. (You can use AdSense or anything if there is is no ad available at the moment)
  • After proper optimization, the fill rate will be good.
  • They are really honest as I personally used their service. (Actually I am still using)
  • The payment mode is NET-0, NET-30 etc.

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The only con is that they are very busy and barely reply. (But remember the payout is the fastest)

Besides that, there are some other ad networks too.

  • OptAd360
  • AdsKeeper

I have used OptAd360 for few days. I am not saying that this network is bad. They provide full support and communicate properly.

But in my case, it did not sound well the fill rate was too low. But you may try because in my case I have placed only two ad units. You may use it and let us know how it works in the comment section below.

AdsKeeper is again a good network. It will be best for those types of websites that are streaming videos on their website. But you can use it on your blog too.

Newor Media is another great ad network that I am thinking to use it. The minimum traffic requirement for this ad network is monthly 30000 unique users. One of my friends whom I know personally is using this ad publishing network and he is making money that is almost equal to my Valueimpression earning.

Best ad network for heavy traffic – more than one million per month traffic

As you are getting major traffic from India, for this amount of traffic the best option for you will be Valueimpression.

There are some websites currently using it having more than 20 million traffic.

For example, tutorialspoint. So definitely it will be best for you as the pay best.

But I can assure you that if you use Ezoic, Pixfuture, Valueimpression or anything like these ad networks you will get the revenue almost the same. There will be a little difference.

You may also go for AdPushup But I have not used it. Once I will use I will give the update.

But we have considered some factors like payout method, time etc. So on the basis of that I have suggested.

There are some other ad networks like AppNexus.

If your traffic is more than 5 million you can use AppNexus as they can give the best result.


You may think that I have skipped so many ad networks. The reason is that I am focusing on Indian traffics.

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