How a new blog can make money within one year in 2023

Today, we can find lots of successful bloggers who already making money from their blog for their bread and butter. But for new bloggers, it can be challenging. There are many reasons for their difficulties.

The main problem for new bloggers is that they don’t have any previous experience in blogging. So after they start their blog, most of them soon stop and quit their journey. Very few of them continue with their blog, learn new things and able to make money. You can say, only 1% of new bloggers can make money blogging.

So in this article, I am here to tell you how a brand new blog can make money within one year in 2020. So keep reading this article…

When I started my blog, I had to wait almost two years to get a good earning from my blog. I was not able to make any revenue in the first year of my blog. This is because I was completely new in the blogging industry and I had no previous experience. But as time goes, I learned lots of new stuff.

Now I realize, if new bloggers follow some steps, then it is possible to make a good amount of money just within one year of the blog. Here I am going to share with you what steps should you follow to start earning from your blog in one year.

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Steps to follow to earn from blogging within one year

One year is a very short period of time. So it is not easy to earn from a blog within this short time. Also, in 2020 lots of things have been changed. Things new bloggers followed in earlier of 2014 may not work in 2023.

Yes, it is hard, but not impossible. If you follow the steps I am going to tell you, then you will able to make revenue just within one year. So below are the given steps:

Choose a micro-niche

Choosing microniche is the most important tricks for a new blog to make money within a very short time. This is because Google sends traffic to micro-niche blogs quickly than any other site.

There was a time when you could write on everything on a single blog and Google still sent you lots of traffic. But today in 2020, Google prefers niche base sites. A niche refers to which topic your blog cover. For example, my blog is under blogging and making money online niche.

But if you want to make the profit from your one year blog, then only a niche base blog is not enough. There is another thing called micro-niche which will help you to earn within this short time. Microniche is the more specific and more narrowing of the topic of your website.

An example of the micro-niche topic can be hosting coupons where the blogger shares coupons available on various hosting providers. But if the blogger shares coupons of many other products along with hosting, then it will look like a niche based blog.

If you choose niche then it will be also good, but it will be harder to get that amount of traffic that can help you make sufficient revenue from your blog.

Setup on-page SEO

The first thing is first. Before you start writing content, setup the on-page SEO properly. You can use the Yoast SEO plugin if your blog is on WordPress. I always recommend using self-hosted WordPress to start your blog. If you want to start your blog on Blogger, then okay. But you will not able to use the plugins and extensions.

At the time of the setup process, disallow search engines to prevent your blog from indexing on Google and other popular search engines.

Focus on affiliate earning

If you have a particular niche or micro-niche and you are getting targetted traffic, then do affiliate marketing. From my blog, I have already earned affiliate income from CloudWays hosting affiliate.

Though AdSense is one of the easiest choices for new bloggers, but if you do affiliate marketing then you can earn even more than AdSense. You will surprise after you know that bloggers even earning a thousand times more than AdSense using the affiliate links from their blog.

Publish quality content

Content is king and Google loves those blogs that have great content. Always keep in mind that you have to publish helpful content that gives value to your readers.

If your audience likes your blog content then they spend more time on your blog and Google will take it as positive. In the future, Google will prefer to send traffic to your site.

Post regularly

Google loves those sites where articles posted regularly. To earn from your blog quickly, it is recommended to post three posts in a week. Google doesn’t prefer to send traffic to inactive websites. So always publish new and fresh content regularly. Thus you can quickly able to earn within one year.


So these are the most important steps to follow to start making money from your new blog.

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