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Hello everyone. After long days I am I am writing a post that is WordPress hosting related. I have previously review for some of the great WordPress hosting providers. All these hosting providers I have reviewed on my blog are both shared, cloud and VPS type hosting.

Today, I am going to tell you about some of the best cloud hosting providers for running your WordPress blog even with high traffic. According to me, cloud hosting is the best choice for a WordPress blog. I have also given the reason why cloud hosting is the best choice for bloggers who want to run their WordPress blog on this post – Which Hosting Is Best For WordPress? Shared, VPS, Cloud Or Dedicated?

Now I am going to list some of the best cloud hosting providers for your WordPress based blog.

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Here are the cloud hosting providers for WordPress blog that are really good:


Flywheel is a managed hosting provider that comes with the lightning fast WordPress hosting. You just see your blog flying and the speed and performance are really like lightning fast. They have the capacity to take the load of high traffic.

With the blazing fast speed of Flywheel managed WordPress hosting, you will get several nice and essential features like high-level hacker free security, Automatic backup for every single night, Easy to use SFTP, free SSL, expert WordPress support for 24/7 for emergencies and more.

On Flywheel, you will able to upgrade your site easily just by few clicks. Suppose you see your WordPress blog started to get more traffic and need more memory. In this situation, you can do it just by clicks.

Another thing about Flywheel managed WordPress hosting is that they provide CDN service

CloudWays WordPress

CloudWays is a cloud hosting provider that provides hosting for several PHP applications and also for WordPress based site which is providing cloud server from Amazon web services, DigitalOcean, Google cloud platform, Linode, Vultr and Kyup. So on CloudWays, you are getting lots of options to choose.

On CloudWays managed WordPress hosting also, you will get high performance for both speed and uptime for your  WordPress blog. There are multiple data centers to choose from this hosting provider.

Cloudways Platform offers revolutionary SSD storage that. it will give you blazing fast read-write requests. It will reduce the load time of your website in half and helps you to get high SERP results. You can back up your WordPress blog just with a click and you can also set hourly to weekly backup of your site.


WordPress sites with a high amount of traffic should start with Kinsta. Kinsta cloud hosting is especially for high traffic WordPress blog. There are lots of WordPress blogs with millions of traffic running on Kinsta. For example, Shoutmeloud is a blogging site running on WordPress on Kinsta and getting millions of traffic every month.

The cloud server that Kinsta providing is Google cloud platform with it’s 13 global data center. So the performance and speed of Kinsta managed WordPress hosting is great with the great uptime. Also, their security and support both are adorable.

Blazing Fast WordPress Hosting For High Traffic – Flywheel

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Just like Flywheel, the expert team of Kinsta also migrate your site without any downtime. Their expert migration team will take care of everything for you. They will assign a temporary domain for your migrated WP site. They also have some latest technologies like Nginx, PHP 7, LXD containers, MariaDB which gives your site speed that your site will appear before blinking the eyes with high-security networks DDoS detection, Uptime monitoring, Hardware firewalls and SSL support.

I have just completed the review of top 3 cloud hosting providers for WordPress blog. According to me and lots of other bloggers, these three cloud hosting providers for WordPress blog are the best choice and both of these providers can take the load of the high amount of traffic.

If you are using any of these three types of hosting then let me know your experience. Also, let me know if you have experience with some other types of cloud hosting for WordPress blog that provide good performance.

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