What is plagiarism and why is it harmful to your blog?

Plagiarism is so common terms in the blogging world and among the bloggers. But if you don’t know about plagiarism or you don’t have the clear idea about it then I am going to tell you what is plagiarism actually.

Actually, plagiarism refers to the act of taking others work like writing, song, music, conversation or even someone’s else idea and use it as your own.

Here I am going to tell you about the plagiarism that is related to blog writing on a blogging site.

What is plagiarism in the blogging world?

In the blogging world, plagiarism is to taking writing from other’s blog or writers and use it on your own website by claiming it as your own work or as the work of your own blog.

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In the blogging world, there are few situations when a writing can be considered as plagiarism:

  • Stealing content of someone else or from another blog
  • Using someone else content and without giving credit to the source
  • Claim and presenting as original content after taking it from someone else or from another blog

Why is plagiarism harmful to your blog?

If one thinks to copy content from other blog websites and use it on his/her own blogging site then it will be really a bad idea. If you copy from other blogs then it will be harmful to your blog and I can clearly say that you will never be a successful blogger with this process.

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Today also, there are lots of newbies bloggers think that copying and pasting from other blogs can send them more search traffic and it is an easy way of improving and getting traffic. But it is just a completely wrong method.

Plagiarism is harmful for many reasons. Here are some of the reasons that I have discussed below:

Plagiarism affects on SEO

If your site content found involving in plagiarism, then you will lose your search traffic as your SEO rank will be down. Google is so smart to find if your content is taken from any other sites or not. For a human, it is not so easy to find if the content is taken from any other source or not. It is possible to plagiarize and never found by a human to know what you did, but you can’t stop Google and other popular search engines from letting it known.

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Google and other search engines always try to deliver the best result when people search for anything. With best results, it also delivers varieties of results. The results on the first page of search engines will be useless if all the results are same.

To prevent this, Google first looks if there are similar content available on other web pages. After making a determination it chooses one web page that is usually the earliest web page that has the content.

Google may penalize your site

Google can penalize a site for plagiarism issue. If your blogging site has content taken from any other site then the penalty may occur on Google for your site. You will then lose almost all of your organic search traffic from Google. It is not easy to recover your site from any type of Google’s penalty. If a blog penalized by Google, then the blogger can see a sudden traffic lost for the blog.

The original content owner can take action against you and your blog

If you copy content from another blog, then the blog owner may take legal action against you. The blog owner can have copyright or DMCA protection. Even taking content from others may be caused you to land on the court or you may have to pay fine or you may get punished. So it is clear that it may destroy your blog and blogging life.

So from this article you have understood copy content from other blog is always harmful to your blog and it is impossible to get success in blogging if you continue copying content from others. So write content for your blog with your own or also you can higher content writer for your blog.

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Remember, blogging is a skill like any other types of skills. So how it is possible to get success by taking content from other sites where you can find lots of professional bloggers. It will not be the right thing.

I have you have to understand and never going to copy from contents that are written by other bloggers. But you are always welcome to collect knowledge from other blogging websites and write with your own language.

2 responses to “What is plagiarism and why is it harmful to your blog?”

  1. sanju says:

    What if I am Editing that content and giving also credit to the original writer.? Will google still penalize my blog.

    • Faruque Ahamed Mollick says:

      Yes, Google will still penalize it. But if it is just a small part of the article then it will be okay. Google just prevent people from sending users to the same content again and again. So plagiarism with credit also will effect on Google ranking.

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