What Should Be The Perfect Font For Your Blog Site?

A blog website is full of text information. Blogging site completely based on these text information. Audience come to your site to read these text information.So it is obviously important to choose a perfect font for the content of your blog. You have to choose the right font and also you need some CSS work for style of font of your blog’s texts.

In this post I am going to give you some idea on what should be the font of a blog site and what should be the style of text of a blog site.

Choose the perfect font for your blog

Here I have explained how the font of your blog should be:

Choose simple and easy to read font

The font for your blog should be simple and easy to read for the readers of your blog. Choose a font in which the readers have an habit to read in. It is good to choose the simple font which you found on your books while you are in college. These types of font may be sound boring but readers feel comfortable for this fonts.

On www.mollickhub.xyz once I was using a font called “Bitter” from Google font. Here is the CSS code that I was using for this font:

font-family: 'Bitter', serif;

This is the CSS code to import the Google font:

@import url(https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Bitter);


Keep the font size and line height perfect

The font size should be the size which is not looks like to small and not so large. I recommend the font size for paragraph text on any blog between 1.2 em and 1.3 em.

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Line height also plays an important role for a blog. You should keep the line height in such a way that it is clearer to read and also it is easy to divide each line by the reader’s eye. I am using 1.7 em line height for www.mollickhub.xyz. Here is the CSS code:

line-height: 1.7em;

Color of font

Obviously, the color of the text on any blog should be in black. If you want to highlight something than you can use different color which it should be also a perfect color. It is also very nice to choose a slightly lite black color for your text on blog.

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So I think you have understand and get the idea about choosing the right font for your blog. I recommend you to go Google Fonts. There you can find a huge number of fonts which you can use for your blog. After choosing the font you can style it with your own CSS.

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